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Welcome to Class

Welcome to Class

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Welcome to Class

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  1. Miss Wiener Room D124 Welcome to Class

  2. Get to know You • On a note card please write • Your name • Your Birthday • Your class schedule • Extracurricular activities • Favorite Activities ( outside of school ) • Why did you take this class? • Do you plant on joining FFA?

  3. Get to know each other • Find someone with: • Your same first initial. Where is their next class? • You same birth month. What is their favorite food? • Your same height. What’s their biggest fear? • Wearing the same color. What’s their biggest dream?

  4. Get to know your teacher • Miss Wiener • Miss “W” • Grew up in Delaware • Graduated from Christiana High School • Graduated from University of Delaware

  5. Basic Classroom Rules • Be Prepared • Check out the class list • Be Positive • No such thing as “I Can’t!” • Be Safe • We use different materials in class. All require safe and proper handling procedures. • No Food! • Since we use different materials, desks may be dirty. YOU MAY DRINK WATER!

  6. Three Strikes Procedure • General Level Warning • “ Please no head’s down during the movie” • Specific Warning • “John please put your head up. This is your second strike for this class period” • Specific warning with Consequence • “John please put your head up. This is your third strike for this class. There will be a consequence to follow”

  7. Pass Rule for Class • Pass Rule • 1 Pass Per Class Per Day (excluding emergencies) 5 minutes per pass (excluding emergencies) • Too Long? No pass for the next class! You miss important information when you’re out!

  8. Daily class procedure • BE READY TO LEARN! • Warm-up- on the board when you walk in • Warm up Review • Review of previous class • What can you remember? • Essential Question • Every class will have an essential question that will be answered in the notes given for the day. Keep all essential questions on a SEPARATE piece of paper than your regular daily notes. These will be collected at the end of the class for credit.

  9. Daily class procedure • Regular Notes • Daily Activities • Closing • Word Wall for Concept map • ALL assignments needing grading get placed in the drawers. • Missing assignments? Were you absent? • Check the milk crates!

  10. Unit procedures • Essential Question/Exit Question sheet • Due at the end of each class for credit • Concept Maps • Added to throughout the unit. Checked for completion before test • Regular Notes • Keeping accurate notes is always a key to success! • KEEP EVERYTHING! • All old tests will be used to compile your final!

  11. Let’s have a great semester!

  12. Any Questions?

  13. Activity: Design a Class • You need: A Sheet of paper and something to write with. • Please write so other can read it clearly! • DO NOT write your name • On a sheet of paper answer the following: • If you could learn anything in this class what would it be? How would you like to learn it? Is there something specific you would like to learn and do in this class?

  14. Miss Wiener Room D124 Welcome to Lab

  15. Warm Up • Why is it important to stay safe in the animal science lab? • What type of things could go wrong? • How could be prevent them from happening?

  16. Entering Ag Lab • Entering Lab Area • Straight to classroom! Book bags at your desk • Take a seat and wait for instructions

  17. Working in the Lab • After instructions are given: • Dismissed to lab • Push chairs in for safety! • Head to your station to complete your lab work

  18. Animal Observations Procedure • What? • Record the behavior of your animal. Make notes about how they are acting and what they are doing. • When? • First 5 minutes of class after attendance if given. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday • Why? • Keeping records is a good skill to have! Keeping tabs on our animals, helps us keep them happy and healthy! Keeping records also helps keep resources from running out! • After your observations, return to the classroom and reflect on what you observed. • Did your animal seem happy? Healthy? Overactive? Stressed? Why do you think so? • 4 sentence minimum

  19. Cleaning Animal Procedure • What? • Cleaning animal cages! Very Important ! Stick with your team! • When? • Every Tuesday! • Why? • Keep animals clean = healthy! • After cleaning • Return to classroom. Journal what you did in lab in your notebook (same as animal observations) • 3 sentence minimum

  20. General Lab Rules • No horseplay! • Use tools properly! • Be aware of your surroundings! • Wet floor? Animals out? • Keep Garage door close unless instructed by the teacher! • If you have a question ask the teacher! • What Cleaner? Whose food? Where does ___ go?

  21. Activity • Map of the lab! • Make a key! • Where do cleaning products go? • Tools? • Animal feed?

  22. Miss Wiener Room D124 Work Expectations

  23. Notes • Everyone takes notes differently • I expect the following during note taking : • Quiet • You might not need to write down the notes word for word, but another student might need that time. Show respect • On Task • Other work out? It will be taken and not returned. No excuses • You have time to talk in every class. You give me this time, you’ll have your time to work and socialize

  24. Class work • Given to reinforce concepts from the notes. • Use your time wisely • Be on task • Take time to read and follow the directions • Finish your work COMPLETELY! • Full sentences, finished ideas, use your notes (if applicable) • Take pride in what you turn in!

  25. Homework • Rare!!! • But, when it is given: • Turned in on time. No late work excepted !! Only with excused absence. ( Code of Conduct) • Turned in completed, with complete sentences and all directions followed • Turned into your correct classroom bin for grading

  26. Tests • Format always a mixture • Multiple choice, Short Answer, Fill in the blank, Diagrams • Questions taken directly from notes and/or class work therefore • You have the correct and full answer. This is what I am looking for!

  27. Good vs. Bad: Sentences Question: What is a vaccine? How does the body react to a vaccine? How does this result in immunity ? • Answer 1: Medicine Helps the body not get sick • Answer 2: Vaccine is a weaken form of a virus. The body builds up antibodies as a defense resulting in immunity to the virus.

  28. Projects • Have pride in what you do! • Complete sentences, Correct Bibliography (when required) • Power Points: easy to follow, easy to read, Don’t read your slides for your presentation • Posters: Easy to read from 3ft away, colorful, pictures and words! • NAME ON EVERYTHING! • Rubrics are normally given

  29. Remember you Skills! How to respond to short answer • Read the Directions • Read the question (twice!) • Think of your answer • Restate the question in the answer • Read your answer • Check for spelling and punctuation !

  30. Short Answer Practice Questions • Directions: Answer each question in complete sentences. • THINK: Which question do you think needs a longer answer? • What was your favorite thing you did this summer? • What is your favorite childhood memory?

  31. QUIZ TIME! • Complete your “Welcome to Class” quiz and turn it into the bin when you’re finished • When you are finished please wait quietly in your seat