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Max Beckmann:

Max Beckmann:

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Max Beckmann:

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  1. Max Beckmann: German Expressionism at its best by: Elke and Uschi

  2. The Beckmann History • Max Beckmann - born on February 12, 1884 in Leipzig • His father Carl Heinrich Christian Beckmann -a flour merchant • His mother -Antoinette Henriette Bertha -came from money • The youngest of three with a brother, Richard, and a sister, Margarethe

  3. Childhood life • Between the ages of eight and ten, Beckmann lived with his sister -fifteen years older than he -to attend school at Falkenburg in Pomerania. • Beckmann loses his father in 1894 and moves with his mother and brother to Brunswick to reside with relatives. • Max and Richard attend school in Brunswick, Königslutter and boarding school in Gandershein until 1899 • Beckmann begins drawing

  4. Sorrow seeps into Beckmann's life: -In 1906 Max loses his mother to cancer. At this point he paints "Great Scene of Death"

  5. Minna Tube Shortly following the death of his mother, Beckmann marries, for the first time, on September 21, 1906. In 1907 they build a home in Hermsdorf. In 1908 his son, Peter, is born.

  6. The Sinking of the Titanic 1912 Declaration of War 1914

  7. World War I • At the initial outbreak of the war Beckmann is vacationing with his family • In 1915 Beckmann volunteers for service • Service is for the medical corps -he heads first for East Prussia

  8. Impact on Beckmann's life In 1917, Beckmann is released from military due to mental breakdown Max lived apart from Minna at this point although they were still married

  9. Artistic Impact • Shift of works from impressionism to expressionism

  10. Beckmann's second try at true love While still married, Max falls in love with Mathilde von Kaulbach The marry on the first of September 1925 in Munich -the same year as his divorce from Minna

  11. 1926-1935 • April 1926 one man exhibition of Beckmann’s work in New York • Same year Max loses his brother Richard • During this time period Beckmann travels about Europe but finds a certain fancy for France • He teaches art until 1935

  12. "Entartete Kunst" A Nazi exhibition of around 650 expressionist painters This display was meant to shun the artists and was shown first at Hitler's "Haus der Deutschen Kunst" in Munich Max and Quappi leave Germany on the opening day of the exhibit July 19,1937

  13. Family Portrait -1920 Death -1938

  14. Beckmann's Later Years • Max and Quappi burn their diaries in 1940 • 1942 Beckmann’s are living in Paris and he receives a letter requesting his service in the German army –he could not go because of a heart condition

  15. Beckmann heads for New York • The Beckmann’s move to New York City in 1947 • On October 5, 1948 Max and his wife apply for U.S. citizenship • In 1949 he gets a six year contract to teach at the Brooklyn Museum Art School

  16. The end of a impact to last an eternity Max Beckmann died on December 27,1950 on the corner of 61st street and Central Park West of a heart attack. He was on his way to see his 'Self Portrait in Blue Jacket' on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art.

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