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IBM’s Vice President PowerPoint Presentation
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IBM’s Vice President

IBM’s Vice President

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IBM’s Vice President

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  1. IBM’s Vice President BY: Joshua in partnership with Catherine A. Rodgers

  2. Catherine Rodgers is IBM’s Vice president and is responsible for IBM’s Global Services Worldwide Strategic Relations. She bonds with businesses and helps them become a better thinking industry. She has been working with IBM for 34 years and she is a great leader. She helps mentor children, works with women in business, and helps industries become better functioning. She’s also apart of Global Opportunities which is an India based consultancy. It is for India students who want further education in an other country. Catherine Rodgers is also a member of IBM’s Smarter Planet Initiatives. Her great leadership involvement has made a big impact on IBM’s largest communities and helped many industries.

  3. Leadership in Global Opportunities • Global Opportunities is a consultancy where support is given to India students who seek a further, higher education in another country. Rodgers is the vice president of Global Opportunities. She is responsible for global opportunity engagement and pursuit leadership on $20B of international deals. This organization also works with companies to become a more advanced industry. Ms. Rodgers is the vice president and often lectures about the global opportunity engagements in industries. • Catherine Rodgers speaking for Global Opportunities

  4. What are Smarter Planet Initiatives? • Smarter Planet Initiatives is for how companies and industries react and changing it to how they anticipate. They want to help companies be more prepared for upcoming obstacles. For example, the federal government would be preventing crime rather than dealing with it after it breaks out. • Scientists form new ways of working and save the business field.

  5. IBM’s Research and Helping Industries • IBM’s research is worked with partners and clients to help mold the business, government, academia and society’s future. They work together to solve industries’ most complex problems. This pushes beyond the limits of science to make companies’ problems easier. This really helps industries to be successful , be better running, and to making tough situations better and easier for them. • Researchers at IBM working to help companies grow and advance.

  6. Catherine Rodgers is involved in many organizations and is a great leader in each of them. She is the Chairperson for ISM(Institute of Supply Management), Committee on Sustainably, she is on Tech America’s board of directors, and a member of the International Environmental Committee. She holds a Master’s Degree in “Community Relations & Hazard Management” and “Business Management”. She also has a B.A. and M.A. in Education/ Community Services. Cathy Rodgers speaking at IBM for Supply Chain Management.

  7. Goals Ms. Catherine Rodgers’s plan for helping the community grow is a challenging one. Her plan’s goal is to develop a stronger supplier base for IBM and to help businesses and companies become more competitive and to grow larger in their field. Another goal of hers’ is the ability to give for the money of scholarships on a continuing basis. Specialized software from IBM has advanced and organized the communities’ system of technology.

  8. Achievements • Rodgers regularly speaks on sustainably, social responsibility, supply chain and creating a smarter planet. She is the founder and president of “Rooted in Hope” which is an organization that’s dedicated to promoting social, environmental, and sustainable development through education. She also is an active global teacher and educator of math, science, technology, and engineering. Companies and industries have benefitted from Ms. Rodgers leadership. • Ms. Rodgers teaching students in engineering.

  9. Catherine Rodgers is an active, motivational leader to hercolleagues, people she mentors, women in business, and her team. She moves only forward in creating a better thinking network of industries with the rest of her team. She has come far in making our industries, technologies, and working supplies better and smarter. With her effort in helping people and leadership in communities she can reach her goal in making our worldwide companies a smarter functioning network. • Cathy Rodgers speaks on communities goals.

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