regional initiatives to promote access to affordable healthcare in sadc n.
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  2. Background • To allow for “outside membership” to BHF started in 1999 • After time - BHF became “Southern Africa” • BLNZ(M) countries agenda different from that of South Africa • Some countries outside South Africa “question” the benefit from interaction/exposure to “South African agenda”? • BLNZ(M) felt the BHF agenda - “too South African dominated” - Understandably considering larger membership base i.e. South Africa • BLNZ(M) overlap & some countries lag RSA initiatives • BHF unconditionally committed to assist – “BLNZ(M) agenda” • It is for “BLNZ(M)/us” to drive the value add, our needs & agenda • Aim at creating a balance and how best BHF can serve BLNZ(M) needs and expectations

  3. Progress over the years • BHF allow for BLNZ(M) members to be elected onto BHF board • BLNZ(M) have protected seats on BHF Board • In spite of the difference in member numbers • All countries equally valued regardless of size 2. BHF board mandated “interest group” • A “terms of reference” for BLNZ(M) Work Group 3. Phase in - Parallel sessions at BHF conference • Kick off 2013 conference and extended this year

  4. BLNZ(M) Interest group • Must compliment BHF Board & Management for “flexibility” to accommodate and support BLNZ(M) • Operate within the BHF Southern Africa organisational structure and secretarial support • Drive the BLNZ(M) agenda within BHF Southern Africa • Extended group now also include Mozambique

  5. Membership Current Membership • Botswana • Lesotho • Namibia • Zimbabwe • South Africa * Mozambique Other Potential Members •Zambia • Swaziland Malawi • Possible Funder organisations with observer status/MOU?

  6. Vision – Where we want to go …… • To also promote regional cooperation/participation in promoting healthcare through Public/Governmental healthcare structures • To enhance the objective of promotingan active, participative and cooperative agenda amongst BLNZ(M)(SA) • To share/address the individual countries needs & challenges as part of a regional healthcare agenda & to the benefit of indv countries • Aim of promoting affordable and sustainable healthcare cover. • To also promote & increase affiliation of fundersin BLNZ(M)SA countries to BHF Southern Africa • To contribute, through healthcare securityto the economic growth in the respective BLNZ(M)SA countries

  7. Mission – How we want to get there ……….. • Promote a strong healthcare funders’ representation/ recognition in each country and in the region • Be recognised by Ministerial Health Council & other healthcare forums in the Southern African region and internationally 2. Support the strengtheningof BLNZ(M)SA member organizations’ capacity to deliver best servicesto their members and work in partnership with Government 3. To advance and protect the common interests of health fundersand national representative organisations

  8. Values and principles • Membership to BHF Southern Africa will allow “participation” in the activities of the BLNZ(M)SA Interest Group • Address all matters on its meritand not on the size of any country”s funders membership • All countries will be equally respected and treatedin participation in any of the activities of the Interest Group

  9. Strategic goals • To further develop the capacity of BHF Southern Africa/BLNZ(M)SA funds and umbrella organisations • To enhance the legitimacy and relevance of BHF Southern Africa to represent healthcare funders in Southern Africa • To extend BHF services offeringto BLNZ(M)SA members • To enhance access/use of healthcare and medical funders information- to promote reform and PPP initiatives • To promote strategic linksbetween BHF Southern Africa and, Government Health Bodies/Organisations • To participate and add value in the development of regional healthcare policies and programmes

  10. PossibleLobby and Advocacy Initiatives • To contribute to the local debate in reform and in local/regional healthcare policies and programmes • To enable countries national healthcare funders organisations to influence and be consulted on national policies and programmes • To share and learn from regional experiencein healthcare policies and reform amongst BLNZ(M)SA countries

  11. Key objectives or benefits…….. • Improve on interaction/communicationbetween BLNZ(M)SA countries • Promote a more active BLNZ(M)SA agenda • By further built on the parallel session - Annual BHF conference PLUSother initiatives identified • Offer support and participation in regional healthcare policies/ programmes and standards settingbodies • Promote involvement regional consultation processes on healthcare and medical aid funders industry

  12. The way forward………….

  13. The way forward……………… • AGM – attend BHF Southern Africa AGM annually. • Consider hosting BLNZ(M)SA Group meeting during the BHF AGM? • Directors serving on BHF Board to coordinate the activities of the BLNZ(M)SA Interest Group • Consider at least two Interest Group meetings per year - held on a rotational basis amongst the BLNZ(M)SA countries? • Aim at arranging the meetings, preferably during any of the BLNZ(M)SA countries annual conferences – reduce costs to attend? • Meetings open to all individual funds and other on invitations

  14. Possible regional initiatives…… • Acceptance of medical aid memberswithin BLNZ(M)SA? • Address Student registrationrequired in South Africa? • Obtain regional country status with Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Re Medicine prices? • Better pricing options and International donor support for HIV/Aids medications • Possible negotiations with international pharmaceutical manufacturers • Obtain developing country pricing structures vs First world pricing models • Facilitate possible liaison with International donor agencies to support BLNZ(M) initiatives? • i.e. Bill Gates Foundation

  15. Possible regional initiatives 5. Correlate regional health data statistics? 6. Promote uniform coding and billing systems – ICD10? 7. Promote uniform Practice Coding Number System – PCNS? 8. Obtain recognition at SADC Health Ministerial Council? - Possible recognised advisory position? - Possible annual report back on private healthcare status in BLNZ(M)SA? - Share in value offerings from other countries? - Promote PPP for all countries? - Become “resource” to Ministers of Health Council – add value to respective countries Ministers of Health? - Raise the platform and recognition for private healthcare funders industry at political ? • Other?

  16. It’s a start…………………. ……in creating a regional cross support base …. with prime aim to promote access to affordable healthcare in SADC/BLNZ(M) countries.

  17. Reaching towards …………a “Southern African Medical Aid Funders Organization” or ……. a “Super BHF” Over medium term…: • Lead/sensitise a processtowards the establishment of a “National Healthcare Funders Union/Organisation for Southern Africa” or a “Super BHF”? • Acceptance or buy-in to value from collaboration on the regional health political platform? • Coordinate strategic alignments for BHF Southern Africa with BLNZ(M)SA countries & other stakeholders?

  18. “Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions” • Membership:- National Representative Organizations/Country representation • Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions- A similar organization in the agricultural sector- Non profit making farmer organization representing the common interests of national agricultural unions in the SADC region.- SACAU was originally formed in 1992 as a “loose consultative forum” by six farmer organizations in the region- The key interests in the formation of SACAU were marketing and trade, regional development of the sub-continent, land settlement and environmental issues; security, law and order; labour, research, extension and training and organizational issues

  19. SACAU – guiding strategic pillars • “Strengthening the capacity of farmer organizations in the region to effectively address the needs and concerns of their members” • “Affording a platform through which farmers interact, meet, receive information and exchange views with various stakeholders on agricultural matters” • “Providing information on all farmer organizations in the region through a comprehensive database” 4. Other

  20. SACAU – strategic successes • “Capacity building of farmer organizations is now on the agenda of SADC and NEPAD as well as a central component in other developmental organizations dealing with agriculture in the region” • “SACAU is forming strategic alliances to ensure that members are provided with stronger lobbying and negotiating skills” • “This represents the starting point for improved institutional collaboration for development within the SADC region”

  21. ”The ball is in our court” THANK YOU