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Factors affecting access to healthcare PowerPoint Presentation
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Factors affecting access to healthcare

Factors affecting access to healthcare

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Factors affecting access to healthcare

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  1. Factors affecting access to healthcare Key Questions1. What is primary healthcare? 2. In your local area how do age, gender and wealth affect access to exercise facilities, health care and good nutrition?3. Local case study: what are the implications of the above for the provision of health care systems in your area?

  2. Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) • Started 1948 • Has been more difficult to manage as time has gone on (costs have risen as people living longer and medical advances increasing) • Year 2000 – Government produced NHS Plan • Creation of primary care trusts (PCTs) • This is the care provided by the people you see when you first have a health problem e.g. doctors, pharmacists, dentists, opticians • NHS Direct • All of the above are managed by local PCT. Control about 80% of NHS budget

  3. With reference to a local case study, assess the relative importance of factors such as age, gender, and wealth on access to facilities for exercise, health care and nutrition. [15 marks]

  4. Nutrition Healthcare Exercise Facilities AGE WEALTH GENDER

  5. Nutrition Healthcare Exercise Facilities Less accessible for elderly (less mobile). Facilities cater for those with cars more and moreLess accessible for under 16’s – cost, local area may have ack of fields, some gyms have restrictions Different attitudes to nutrition over time?Healthy Schools – Jamie Oliver?Meals on Wheels service West Berkshire = ageing, therefore specific facilities given priorityCervical Cancer? Targets particular age groupsTeenage pregnancies AGE Better nutrition the wealthier you are?What supermarkets do we have? Private health care e.g. BUPA Wealthier – can afford gym membershipWealthier – more mobile to access exercise facilitiesEmployed full time = easier accessNorthcroft (more family orientated), Regency, Canons (Nuffield Health) LA Fitness No waiting lists – arguably better treatment? WEALTH Different attitudes to food and diet Contraceptive clinicsSexually transmitted diseases, teenage pregnancies, breast screening services – aimed at specific gender Men have easier access than women - childcare GENDER

  6. So – what does the evidence say? • What is access to these things like in Newbury and wider West Berkshire?

  7. A guide to Berkshire West PCT Berkshire West PCT was formed on 1 October 2006 as a result of the merging of Reading, Wokingham, and Newbury and Community PCTs. We provide health services in the community, at home and in hospitals and aim to make a difference to the health and well being of our local population. In Berkshire West they have 55 GP surgeries, 68 NHS dental practices, 67 pharmacies and 42 opticians. We have an annual budget of 530m and cover a population of over 500,000. BUT…does it meet the needs of the local people?? Find out for yourselves what the area is actually like!

  8. Define the term “Primary Care Trust” • 2. Briefly describe the provision of health care in your own local area • 3. Identify two charitable organisations that play an important role in health care provision

  9. Private Healthcare and Charities • What do private healthcare organisations offer? • Give an example of such an organisation • Why is this not accessible to all? • What role do charities have? • Give several examples • Pg 308 Core text

  10. You are going to carry out a mini-enquiry into how age, gender and wealth influence access to facilities for exercise, health care and good nutrition in our local area. This will have three strands: A questionnaire survey (could use or paper) An investigation into the costs and availability of healthy food in local shops, takeaways and restaurants An investigation into the costs and availability of opportunities to exercise in the local area Objectives: Understand the implications of variations of age, gender and wealth for the provision of health care systems Apply this understanding to our local area Evaluate whether the needs of people in our local area are being met by our local healthcare provision Task – What are the implications of these findings for healthcare in our local area?