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Postdoctoral Scholars Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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Postdoctoral Scholars Orientation

Postdoctoral Scholars Orientation

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Postdoctoral Scholars Orientation

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  1. Postdoctoral Scholars Orientation University of California, Irvine Hosted by the Graduate Division

  2. Overview of Today’s Session • Welcome from Dean Leslie • Graduate Resource Center • Career Center • International Center • Postdoc Association (PDA) • Postdoctoral Scholar Policies • Campus Resources • Health and Retirement Benefits • UAW

  3. Graduate DivisionDean Leslie • Welcome! • When I was a postdoc… • Be proactive and take control of your careers • Workshops and services provided by the GRC, PDA & Career Center • Networking and establishing professional relationships

  4. Graduate Resource Center (GRC) • Purpose: The GRC enriches the experiences of our graduate and postdoc communities by providing coordinated services, events, programs, information and support. The GRC also serves as a meeting place for students & postdocs to relax & interact with others, plan events, share ideas, network & develop friendly relationships.

  5. Graduate Resource Center (GRC) • Workshop Series - Writing Support - Funding - Professional Development - Work-Life Balance • Writing Consultants - Publication review - Professional Writing - Fellowship Proposals • Resource Library - Examples of Fellowships - Books - Campus Services & Materials

  6. Graduate Resource Center (GRC) • Provide professional development and career planning workshops and services • Professional development workshops • Weekly career advising with Christine Kelly • Special events focusing on applying leadership principles, professional networking and more.

  7. Graduate Resource Center (GRC) Teaching Skill Development Series – Meets Fridays at 3:30pm This series provides postdocs with a better understanding on 1) how to teach in academic environment, 2) alternative methods in pedagogy, 3) presents opportunities to gain teaching experience while at UCI, and 4) how to convey these experiences when applying for faculty positions.

  8. Graduate Resource Center (GRC) Academic and Career Alternative Job Search Workshops • Preparing for the Academic Interview – April 9 from 3:30 – 5pm • Transforming Your CV Into a Resume – April 22 from 12:00 – 1pm • $tart$mart Salary Negotiation Training – May 1 from 9am – 12pm • Careers in Consulting – May 13 from 3:00 – 4:30pm

  9. Graduate Resource Center (GRC) • Mentoring support • Workshops • Individualized Development Plan (IDP) • Connection to campus resources

  10. Graduate Resource Center (GRC) • Venue for social events for postdocs • Pi Day with PDA • Communication • PDA • Graduate Division Calendar of Events • Social Media – • Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

  11. The Individual Development Plan (IDP) “A planning process that identifies the Postdoctoral Scholar’s general individual research goals, professional development and career objectives and can also serve as a communication tool between postdoctoral scholars and their PIs (supervisors/faculty mentors).”

  12. Individual Development Plan (IDP) Goals:Help postdocs identify and address: • Long-term career options you wish to pursue and the necessary tools to meet these goals • Short-term needs for improving current performance

  13. Execution of the IDP Process • Step 1 (of 4). Conduct a Self Assessment. • Assess your skills, strengths and areas which need development. Formal assessment tools can be helpful. • Take a realistic look at your current abilities. This is a critical part of career planning... • Outline your long-term career objectives. Ask yourself:

  14. Self Assessment: Professional Development and Core Competencies • The self assessment comprises five general categories adapted from the National Postdoctoral Association’s Postdoctoral Core Competency Toolkit ( The five categories are: 1) Discipline Specific Knowledge 2) Research Skills 3) Communication Skills 4) Professionalism/leadership/management 5) Responsible Conduct in Research.

  15. Execution of the IDP Process • Step 2 (of 4). Survey Opportunities with PI. Using the self assessment as a structure, discuss these topics with your PI to solicit feedback on: • The career opportunities and options based on those that interest you. • Do you have a complete picture of the expectations and responsibilities of the career path(s) you have identified? • Are there other options you have not considered? • Identified developmental needs and mutually beneficial means and opportunities to address these needs. • How best to prioritize your identified developmental areas and opportunities.  

  16. Execution of the IDP Process • Step 3 (of 4). Write an IDP. • The IDP maps out the general path you want to take and helps match skills and strengths to your career choices. It is a changing document, since needs and goals will almost certainly evolve over time as a postdoc. The specific objectives of a typical IDP are to: • Establish effective dates for your postdoctoral appointment. • Identify specific skills and strengths that you need to develop. • Define the approaches and mechanisms to obtain these specific skills.

  17. Execution of the IDP Process • Step 4 (of 4). Implement Your Plan. • The plan is just the beginning of the career development process and serves as the road map. Now it’s time to take action! • Revise and modify the plan as necessary. • The plan is not cast in concrete; it will need to be modified as circumstances and goals change. • The challenge of implementation is to remain flexible and open to change. • Review the plan with your PI regularly. Revise the plan on the basis of these discussions.

  18. Who can act as a Mentor • Your Principal Investigator • Employer/Employee Relationship • Should also serve as a Mentor • But there are other opportunities as well: • Peers • Other Faculty • Networking organizations/contacts in industry

  19. Sheila Cech, J Scholar Advisor International Center

  20. UCI International Center Mission Statement The International Center promotes and facilitates international education by providing services to advance the university's mission and support the academic goals and objectives of international students, faculty, and researchers. The International Center Staff is committed to providing quality services to comply with government regulations and promote intercultural understanding.

  21. UCI International Population • Researchers, Faculty & Staff: 1165 J-1 Scholars: 825 H-1b Scholars: 214 Other: 126 • Students: 1,775 Undergraduate: 387 Graduate: 954 OPT: 323 EAP: 111

  22. TAX INFORMATION SESSION • Wednesday, March 1210:00am - 12:00pmEmerald Bay A • The Tax Information Session is for our international students and scholars in order to review and provide guidelines about the US tax system. The session will emphasize the importance of tax planning.RSVP by emailing Mia Navas (

  23. WARNING ABOUT TELEPHONE SCAM In recent weeks, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) learned of a new telephone scam targeting USCIS applicants and petitioners. Scammers are using a technique called ID spoofing to display a misleading or inaccurate phone number in a recipient’s Caller ID. The scammer poses as a USCIS official and requests personal information (such as Social Security number, passport number, or A-number), identifies supposed issues in the recipient’s immigration records, and asks for payment to correct these records. If you receive a call like that, USCIS urges you to say No, thank you and hang up immediately. USCIS never asks for any form of payment or personal information over the phone. Don’t give payment or personal information over the phone to anyone who claims to be a USCIS official. In general, we encourage you to protect your personal information and not to provide details about your immigration application in any public area. If you have been a victim of this telephone scam, please report it to the Federal Trade Commission at, or report it to an appropriate state authority. (Visit for information on where to report scams in your state.) If you have a question about your immigration record, please call the National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283, or make an InfoPass appointment by visiting our website at

  24. Questions?

  25. The PostDoC Associationat UC-Irvine(PDA)

  26. Who are we? • Grassroots, volunteer organization • officially recognized by UCI (2009) • All Postdocs are members and are welcome to participate and contribute in any way they see fit Our Mission: • To develop a sense of communityby fostering professional and social interactions among postdoctoral scholars throughout the institution. • To provide a forum to disseminate accurate information and address issues relevant to postdoctoral scholars other than issues covered by the union representation. • To promote a productive dialogue among postdoctoral scholars, the administration, the faculty, and industry. • To provide advice to the Dean of Graduate Studies, Office of Research and the Graduate Resource Center on postdoctoral scholar issues.

  27. What do we do? • Professional/Career Development • Teaching Experience and Skill development (Feb-Mar) • Grant Writing Strategies (Mar-Jun) • Non-Academic Career Paths (Jul-Aug) • “Finding your first faculty position” workshop series with Career Center and GRC (Aug-Oct) • Social Activities/Networking • Happy-Hours Group Dinners Bowling • Camping Hiking Wine Tasting • Newport Beach Boat Parade Bonfire • Lake/Deep Sea Fishing

  28. Upcoming events • Teaching Skill Development Workshop Series (3:30-5:00pm in the GRC) • 3/7/2014 – Professor Panel: Preparing for Teaching Positions, Expectations at Different Institutions of Higher Education • 3/14/2014 – Course and Syllabus Design • 3/21/2014 – How to Write a Teaching Philosophy and Preparing Your CV • Grant-writing Workshop Series – Fridays, 4-5pm in the GRC, begins March 14th

  29. How to find us… • Facebook – UCI Postdocs • Announcements of Upcoming events and activities (also emailed to you via Sharon) • Other Uses: • Swapsheet (rentals, cars, furniture, etc..) • Posting general questions to other postdocs • Finding lab resources on campus •

  30. You remain the most vital component to the PDA’s success Talk to us – Feedback, ideas, and critiques are always welcome. • Tom O’Sullivan tosulliv@UCI.EDUCo-President • Emmanuel Dotseyedotsey@UCI.EDUCo-President • Paolo Annibalepannibal@UCI.EDU         Board Member • Sudipta Mukherjeesudiptam@UCI.EDU Board Member • Kate Perrinekperrine@UCI.EDU         Board Member • DivyaSwaminathandswamina@UCI.EDU      Board Member


  32. DEMOGRAPHICS POSTDOCTORAL SCHOLARS AT UCI • 331 Postdoctoral Scholars • Large International Contingent International 236 (64%) U.S. 133 (40%) International 198 (60%)

  33. DEMOGRAPHICS POSTDOCTORAL SCHOLARS AT UCI • 331 Postdoctoral Scholars • Large International Contingent • Predominantly Male International 236 (64%) Female 130 (39%) Male 201 (61%)

  34. DEMOGRAPHICS POSTDOCTORAL SCHOLARS AT UCI • 331 Postdoctoral Scholars • Large International Contingent • Predominantly Male • Academically Diverse Social Sciences 12 Education 2 Biological Sciences 47 ORU, SRP 45 Engineering 25 International 236 (64%) Social Ecology 1 Physical Sciences 111 Health Sciences 82 Humanities - 1 ICS - 5

  35. Postdoctoral Scholar Titles Postdoctoral Scholar – Employee (3252) • Majority of postdoctoral appointments • Postdoc functions as a University employee and is funded by extramural or discretionary funds paid through the University Postdoctoral Scholar – Fellow (3253) • Postdoc is awarded a fellowship or traineeship for postdoctoral study by an extramural agency and paid through a University account Postdoctoral Scholar – Paid Direct (3254) • Postdoc is awarded a fellowship or traineeship for postdoctoral study by an extramural agency and the agency pays the postdoc directly

  36. Postdoctoral Scholars Policies • Definition • Have a doctoral degree (e.g., Ph.D., M.D.) or other terminal advanced degree • Engaged in temporary & defined period of work of advanced training • Under the direction and supervision of faculty mentors • 5 Year Limitation • Full-time appointment

  37. Collective Bargaining Agreement • Represented by the UAW (United Automobile Workers) • Collective Bargaining Agreement • Terms and Conditions of Employment • Effective August 12, 2010 • • Presentation at the end

  38. Collective Bargaining Agreement Highlights • Salary/Stipend Levels • Personal Time Off - 24 days • Sick Leave - 12 days • Annual Review • Time/Effort

  39. Campus Resources • Housing • Use UCI NetID to log in to the Anteater Housing Network listing site: • Inquire with specific student housing communities regarding availability of spaces • Seven (7) apartment communities across the street in University Town Center • Parking and Transportation • Incentives-alternate ways to commute to work

  40. Campus Resources • Child Care • Wellness Programs • UC Learning Center • SNAP/ZOT Portal • Merge to a single UCI business portal • SNAP phase out April 30, 2014

  41. Recreational Opportunities • Anteater Recreation Center (ARC) • Anthill Pub & Grill • University Club Happy Hour (during summer only) • Discount Tickets

  42. Postdoctoral Scholars Benefits Plan (PSBP) Kwame White, Analyst UCI HR/Benefits

  43. HMO vs PPO HMO • Health Maintenance Organization • Organized System responsible for financing and delivering health care. • Separate from Your insurance carrier PPO • Preferred Provider Organization • Providers contracted with insurance carrier to provider services to members at a discounted rate.

  44. HMO vs PPO (cont’d) HMO • Advantages • Lower monthly premiums • Low Co-payments • No Claim forms • Disadvantages • Limited choice of providers • Preauthorization req’d • Service area limited to 30 mi radius of either home/work. • Emergency coverage ONLY during travel PPO • Advantages • Flexibility • Nationwide and worldwide coverage • Disadvantages • Higher Monthly Premiums • Premiums + “Co-insurance” • May need to file claims yourself • Deductible must be met before coverage begins

  45. Benefits/Health Insurance Garnett-Powers & Associates-Brokers • Postdoctoral Scholar Benefits Plan (PSBP) • Medical • Health Net HMO • Health Net PPO • Dental • Health Net DHMO • Principal PPO • Vision • Short-Term Disability • Long-Term Disability • Optional - Postdoc pays • Life and AD&D

  46. PSBP Premiums For 3252 employees and 3253 fellows paid through PPS: - Premiums collected from paycheck For 3254 paid directs: - Garnett-Powers will directly bill postdoc for premiums

  47. Benefits/Health Insurance • Enrollment • Period of Initial Eligibility (PIE) • 31 Days from appointment start date • Open Enrollment • In November • Make changes to plans • Add/remove dependents • Effective January 1, the following year • Qualifying Event • Marriage, birth, adoption • PIE is 31 days from qualifying event date

  48. SelectPlus • Paid for by UC; no-cost to Postdocs • SelectPlus is a listing service for locally based providers. • doulas • mother’s helpers • pet sitters • dog walkers • senior companions • tutors and several other types of helpful services. • You will need to register for membership to access with SelectPlus. • You will simply pay for the services of the caregivers that you hire.

  49. Retirement Benefits