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User Interface PowerPoint Presentation
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User Interface

User Interface

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User Interface

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  1. User Interface

  2. Introduction • The user interface, in the industrial design field of human–machine interaction, is the space where interaction between humans and machines occurs. The two types involved: • Graphic User Interphase (GUI) • Web User Interphase (WUI)

  3. Bad GUI Example

  4. Bad GUI Example

  5. Good GUI Example

  6. Good GUI Example

  7. Bad wui example

  8. Bad wui example

  9. good wui example

  10. good wui example

  11. Explanation The bad examples of GUI (Graphical User Interface) and WUI (Web based User Interface) have shown above. The are not good because they involved too much information in a single page. The user might have a very confusing impression at the first look. There is much complexity in that examples of GUI and WUI. At first glance, one could not tell what it is used for. Moreover, don't you think that seeing this would make you feel like this:

  12. Explanation The good examples of GUI (Graphical User Interface) and WUI (Web based User Interface) have also shown above. The best thing in these examples is that they are clear, concise, and responsive. Moreover, they are very attractive and efficient. Clarity is the most important element of user interface design. Indeed, the whole purpose of user interface design is to enable people to interact with your system by communicating meaning and function.

  13. emerging trend in UI An emerging trend in UI is the Apple TV which I am going to discuss.  It is a small form factor network appliance designed to play digital content. Apple offered a preview of the device in September 2006. In September 2010, Apple announced a second-generation version of the Apple TV. A third generation of the device was introduced at an Apple event on March 7, 2012, with new features such as higher resolution (1080p) and a new user interface.

  14. Apple TV

  15. Apple TV It takes the existing UI and adds a number of additional features to it, including Siri, Live TV and use IOS devices like ipads mini as a remote. The live TV component of the concept would obviously mean Apple has to partner with a cable operator, taking the content and overlaying it with their own UI. The concept envisions a fairly simple and intuitive interface for the live TV — users can change channels by swiping horizontally across the ipads screen