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6 Tips to Create Your Brand on Amazon

Branding on amazon is one of the biggest assets to your business. It is a way to make your customers fall in love with your products and business. Here are 6 Strategies to drive brand engagement on Amazon.

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6 Tips to Create Your Brand on Amazon

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  1. 6 Tips To Drive Brand Engagement on Amazon Amazon Brand Stores: Amazon provides an immersive virtual shopping experience by enabling sellers and vendors to create a DIY Brand Store. Amazon has moved on from standard bullet points and descriptions. The e-commerce platform now offers many tools that will enhance your brand and it’s product listings and ​Amazon Storefront​ is a prominent tool among them. The Amazon Storefront will allow 1P and 3P merchants to have their own online store. The biggest advantage is that it’s completely free. ● Shoppable collection ● Content Rich ● Bulk and out-of-stock product management ● Store auto updates

  2. New ways to be discovered Amazon Posts: Amazon Posts​ is a feed-based browsing experience on Amazon exclusively for mobile devices. Shoppers can explore and follow brand-specific feeds to discover products. The posts direct shoppers to product listings making the feed shoppable. It is currently free to participate in and it’s a great way to boost brand engagement. ● ● ● ● Detail Page Carousels Brand Feeds Category Feeds Related Feeds Amazon A + Content Amazon A+ Content​ & In-Listing Video provide a great platform to share your brand story, showcase all your products and highlight the differentiating features of your product . Amazon allows A+ content for sellers registered in ​brand registry on Amazon​. Through A+ content, you can provide additional content, images, and videos to your product

  3. listings. You can create a template for your product and use it across all the child variations. A+ content helps you tell the story of your Brand and product better and showcase the value proposition of your products differentiating your product from your competitors. Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads: “The ability of Amazon Advertising to drive brand outcomes above industry averages suggests that customers are more responsive to brand messages when they’re in the shopping and information-gathering mode.” This powerful new ad format allows you to use the power of video content alongside regular advertisements. Video is a powerful medium that captures the attention of viewers and engages them, much better than other forms of advertising. There are many beneficial reasons to use Sponsored Brand Video ads. It will allow you to stand out from the rest of the product listings. These ads are quite easy to set up, and you can target relevant customers better with this type of Amazon Sponsored Brand ad. Amazon Sponsored Brand ads can immediately grab a potential customer’s attention while they are searching for products, which makes it a great strategy to increase your click-through rates.

  4. Watch this webinar by SellerApp, to learn more about ​sponsored brand ads on Amazon Over The Top Video Ads: Amazon released video ads to be streamed on OTT platforms. Advantages: Wider Reach:​ Fire TV has ​37M active users and can be used as a TOFU strategy Target Audience:​ Relevant audiences OTT video ad campaigns that used Amazon audiences saw a 44% average increase to detail page views compared to using demographics. Transparency: ​APS’s direct integrations with OTT apps enables you to have complete visibility of your media costs with metrics like brand reach, brand lift, offline sales lift, and new-to-brand. Amazon Attribution: Build your brand off Amazon by creating digital advertising campaigns on multiple channels. Measure Amazon sales resulted from cross-channel, non Amazon digital advertising campaigns in a single console. ​Amazon Attribution​ measures non-Amazon Advertising media such as search ads, social ads, display ads, video ads, and email marketing. You can discover which channel, demographics, creative content brings the most ROAS and make informed decisions to maximize sales Amazon attribution provides diverse conversion metrics at each stage of customer journey to measure the effectiveness of campaign performance: ● ● ● Amazon detail page views Purchase rate Add to carts

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