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How to Protect Your Brand on Amazon

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How to Protect Your Brand on Amazon

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  1. How to Protect Your Brand on Amazon Are you selling your brand’s products on Amazon, or on other e-commerce platforms? If your brand is a successful one, other sellers are probably sharing in its success as well. Building a successful brand is a long and complicated process that is both challenging and rewarding if done right. Behind every successful and internationally recognized brand are many years of marketing, product development, public relations, and more. All the departments work together to build brand reputation and the products under the brand umbrella. Considering the tremendous effort that goes into building a brand, it is only understandable that companies will make every effort to establish online brand protection. Online protection Nowadays, protecting your brand online has become a very complex task. Brand infringers and unauthorized sellers are spread out around the world, utilizing social networks, as well as dozens of e-commerce websites, to resell your authentic products or sell counterfeited products using multiple languages. Amazon alone operates several Amazon marketplaces such as amazon.cn, amazon.mx, amazon.fr and the list goes on and on….Complicating the problem even further is the fact that e-commerce infringements cross multiple jurisdictions and national laws.

  2. So what can you do to combat online brand infringements? Here’s how to do it: (1) The first step is trademark registration. You need to adequately prepare your Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) to the task, make sure your trademark is registered wherever it might be manufactured, marketed or sold online. (2) Secondly, if your products are being sold on Amazon, use the Amazon Brand Registry. Amazon Brand Registry provides a better degree of reputation management and control over the presentation of your products online. For example, if your products are medical devices, it would enable you to determine on which marketplaces a certain product’s availability is prohibited due to noncompliance with the FDA/CE territories. Thus, as the official brand owner, you would be entitled to request that Amazon delists such listings. A further example is that the Brand Registry enables you to request that Amazon merge other listings of the same product under your listing, using the product details which you deem fit, the pictures chosen by you etc. This results in a more professional representation of your product, consistent with your high standards of branding. No more amateur descriptions or unfit photography used with your products. (3) The next step in protecting your online brand on Amazon, is to use MAP Pricing. For MAP or Minimum Advertised Prices, you need a MAP agreement. Although this action has its pros & cons, if done correctly it will result in a

  3. more organized and disciplined price range for your product, in lieu of the current pricing jungle that most successful brands have to repeatedly deal with online. (4) For your next step, use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Did you know that 87% of online purchases being made on Amazon are made directly from the buy box? Using the FBA will highly increase your chances for Amazon choosing your listing to be the one appearing in the Buy Box. Buyers will actually have to make an effort in order to not purchase your brand’s product directly from you. All in all, the above short brand-protection step by step explanation should significantly improve your Amazon presence and sales. The problem is that continuous intellectual property protection on Amazon still requires time and resources. Also, your brand is likely being sold on or infringed upon on many websites which you might not have even heard of. This is why you need an online partner to provide you with professional online brand protection services to easily and effectively protect your rights and revenue. With Wiser-Market, your brand will have a complete intellectual property protection suit, from detection to takedown.

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