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BE ČEJ Your guidebook

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BE ČEJ Your guidebook

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  1. BEČEJ Your guidebook

  2. Contents

  3. Have you ever been in Becej? If you haven’t, you might find this information helpful. • USEFUL INFORMATION SOMEWHERE TO STAY If you are coming to Becej and you are not going to stay with a family, there is a big choice of accommodation. Hotel Fantast is a castle built almost 100 years ago. It is 15 km away from the town, between Becej and Backa Topola. SHOPPING Supermarkets usually open at 6:00 or 7:00 and close at 22:00., except Sundays when they close about 7pm. Clothes shops, book shops are not open on Sundays. Hotel BelaLađa is on the riverside, near the centre. CHANGING MONEY You can change your money at any of the many banks in the centre. Another option is looking for one of the four newsagent’s called ‘Moneta’. It is 250m from the centre. GETTING INFORMATION You’ll find the Tourist Organization of Becej in the centre of the town, on the square. It is open: 8am – 1pm.

  4. There are a lot of beautiful places to visit in the town. These are all near the centre, so you can walk everywhere. • PLACES TO VISIT GORANSKI PARK It is between the centre and the riverside, just behind the outdoor swimming pool. Local people like sitting and chatting on the benches. It is beautiful. THE RIVERSIDE AND THE DAM THE CENTRE OF THE TOWN There are a lot of nice old buildings.

  5. There are a few places near our town worth visiting. These might be ideas for half-day trips. • PLACES TO VISIT FANTAST CASTLE It is 15km away from Becej, between Becej and BackaTopola. You can walk there, see the castle inside, climb the tower-the view from the top is beatiful. You can also ride horses or eat in the restaurant. ARAČA If you are interested in history, you should definitely visit this medieval Romanesque church ruin 27 km from Bečej, between Novi Bečej and Novo Miloševo. SLANO KOPOVO It is near Arača. It is one of the last preserved salt marshes in Serbia. Zou should find a taxi or rent a car to anz of these destination.

  6. Our town is not a good place for shopping, but if you are going to stay longer we recommend visiting one of these shopping centres. • SHOPPING • Serbian people sometimes go to ARKAD in Szeged, Hungary. There are a lot of shops, for example: Terranova, NewYorker, H&M, Office Shoes, Women Secret. • This is BIG in Novi Sad. It resembles the Arkad but is smaller and closer. • This is a Mercator in Novi Sad. There are many shops and canteens. There is a playhouse for the kids.

  7. HOME LIFE If you are going to stay longer, you might find useful to understand the local people and learn about their routines. EVENINGSChildren’s activities finish at about 8 or 9pm and after that they go home. Families have dinner together n the evenings. Dinner is usually bread, butter, sausage, bacon, salami, pizza., with milk or yoghurt. After dinnerchildren play computer games or chat on Facebook, while parents watch TV. At about 10 o’clock they have a shower and then they go to bed. MORNINGS During the week the day starts at about 7 o’clock. Families have breakfast in the kitchen. The children often eat sandwiches, milk or cereals. Parents often have coffee and bread with butter. After breakfast children go to school, because school starts at 8 o’clock. People who workoften go to work very early, at 5 and 6 o’clock or maybe at 7 o’clock. They have breakfast at work. Children finish school at about 1 pm, parents finish work at 3pm, 4 pm or 5pm. A lot of people hereare farmers, so they don’t go to work: they work at home, they have animals or they work in the field. WEEKENDS In our country the weekend is only the Sunday, because people work on Saturdays. People who don’t work on Saturdays traditionally go to the local market in the morning to get vegetables, dairy products and flowers from the local farmers. On Saturday afternoons or Sundays most of the families visit their relatives and grandparents, in or out of town. Also, people usually go shopping (to Novi Sad or Szeged, Hungary). Some like to stay at home, watch a film and relax. AFTERNOONSThe families aren’t together for lunch, they eat when they finish their work or school. Lunch is usually a cooked meal: soup, meat, potato, salad. Most of the children study in the afternoon, while parents do the housework. When children finish homework, they like to do some interesting things outside, for example to go for a walk on the riverside, go rollerblading or ride bicycles. Some children have hobbies in the afternoon or in the evenings, like folk dancing, music school, sport activities in the sport clubs like: football, waterpolo, swimming, basketball, kickbox and volleyball. FREE TIME On weekdays in their free time, people like to visit their neighbours, they have a coffee and they chat. Children also like to go to their friends’, the boys play together football or computer games, the girls like to go for a walk, walk a dog,or listen to music. At weekends people like to go out: to the riverside, or to the centre to have a coffee in cafés or a piece of cake in the pasty shops.

  8. In our town a lot of people speak some basic English, but it is better if you know a few words of the local language • MINI PHRASEBOOK At the shop or a café, you must remember to ask for something politely,for example: Mogulidadobijemjednuflašu vode, molim Vas? At my school,we usually say: Dobro jutro!in the morning or Dobar dan later during the day to greet the teachers when they come, or, if it is an evening class, Dobro veče. You say Laku noć when you go to the bed. If you want to kow where a place is ask: Izvinite, da li ima banke u blizini? If you want to apologise, it must be said: Izvinjavam se. Žao mi je. When we sit down at the table to eat, Then we say: Prijatno.

  9. If you come to Becej, you can swim in the SWIMMING POOL in the Sport Center, there is an indoor and outdoor one. Also, there is an outdoor spa. • ENTERTAINMENT Our town is not a good place for shopping, but if you are going to stay longer we recommend visiting one of these shopping centres. At the weekends teenagers in Becejgo to the centre or to the riverside to talk, shopping or just for a walk. PASTRY SHOP are also popular, for example ZSERBO. So go out there for a nice cake or ice cream! THAN HOUSE in the centre is a new place where you can try some scientific experiments, solve puzzles and spend 2-3 hours playing interactive games.

  10. EDITORIAL BOARD: Lucia Tot, Andrea Šagi, Čongor Ric, Aron Varnju, Aleksandra Milinkov, Doroća Rajšli, Kinga Varnju, Vivien Almaši (from classes 7B and 7C 2014/2015 PUBLISHER: PetefiSandor Primary School, Bečej, Serbia