what is sem marketing and seo marketing n.
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What is SEM Marketing and SEO Marketing? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is SEM Marketing and SEO Marketing?

What is SEM Marketing and SEO Marketing?

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What is SEM Marketing and SEO Marketing?

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  1. What is SEM Marketing and SEO Marketing?

  2. What is SEM Marketing With the advent of the internet and its growing importance in the daily lives of the whole world; search engines have become a popular medium for people to advertise their brands directly for consumers looking for similar products or services. This is where (SEM Marketing) or Search Engine Marketing comes in. It is a way of marketing on the internet. This is often a paid method of getting your business noticed. It helps a client promote his or her company, brand or service by increasing their visibility on the search pages.

  3. What is SEO Marketing Like there is in the mainstream methods of communication such as paid for advertising. And non-paid for PR promotions for brands. The internet also has such paid and non paid for communication strategies for taking your brand out there. SEO Marketing is one such non paid method of being a part of search page results without having to pay for it.

  4. What are the types of SEM Marketing There are many ways in which the paid structure of SEM Marketing works. This includes the following methods such as: Paid for search ads which would pop up on the top of the search page result but be represented clearly as an advertisement. Another way of describing it is the Pay Per Click or PPC method of advertising wherein the client only has to pay if an end user clicks on their website which was featured on the search page results. There is no cost to be featured.

  5. What are the types of SEO Marketing SEO Marketing is all about seeding content into the search pages. It is the non-paid method to boost your web pages. You have to be smart at identifying potential key words. Use these search key words most likely to be used by your Target Audience and create noteworthy content on the same. Placing strategic keywords on your web pages and creating meta tags is also very helpful.

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