areas where jaipur needs a lot of investment n.
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Areas Where Jaipur Needs A Lot Of Investment PowerPoint Presentation
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Areas Where Jaipur Needs A Lot Of Investment

Areas Where Jaipur Needs A Lot Of Investment

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Areas Where Jaipur Needs A Lot Of Investment

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  1. Areas Where Jaipur Needs A Lot Of Investment

  2. Jaipur is known as the pink city of India and is the capital city of Rajasthan. It is known world over for its tourist places and has a rich cultural heritage. The city has a number of forts and Palaces and a well developed infrastructure. It has good connectivity with all cities and Delhi, the capital. Jaipur also has an international airport.

  3. For foreign investment, there are many sectors like tourism, where every year thousands of tourists come to visit the historical places in the city. Tourist places like HawaMahal, JantarMantar and City Palace are the most visited destinations.

  4. The real estate industry also requires a lot of attention and this sector is on a boom. Because it is a zone with maximum business activities and slowly the population of the city is increasing day by day. The real estate sector is growing at a rapid pace and the residential flats and luxury apartment in Jaipur are made by various builders to meet the demands of the population.

  5. The software and IT industry is also growing in the city and in the future big companies like HCL, Wipro and Infosys are eying this city as their destination. IT Parks have also come up in the city because of the efforts of the government. As the BPO and software industry is growing, this area also needs a lot of investment.

  6. Jaipur is also famous for gems and jewellery industry. The stones and gems which are made here are known all over the world and there is great demand of these in various parts of the world. Jaipur also exports a lot of gold, Platinum and studded jewellery. Since this industry will never end, this area also requires a lot of investment.  

  7. Jaipur is also famous for its textile industry and there is great demand of Indian textiles in the world market. The raw material is available in abundance and there is need of skilled labor, so this industry also requires a lot of investment.

  8. The mining industry also requires investment. Jaipur is famous for base and noble metals. With industrialization, the needs of this sector are growing also. Various metals are found here in large quantity and this makes it a large destination for buyers. The retail industry is also growing, all the people need branded things and require quality services and products.

  9. Because of all the factors, that are listed above the city is expanding fast and there is a need for investing in real estate. Residential apartment in Jaipur are growing at a rapid pace. Same is the case with flats in Jaipur, which are increasing day by day so that the demand of the increasing population can be met. In the coming years Jaipur will look like the big cities as Gurgaon where a large number of luxury apartment are being made.

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