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Fréjus site pre-study and beyond PowerPoint Presentation
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Fréjus site pre-study and beyond

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Fréjus site pre-study and beyond
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Fréjus site pre-study and beyond

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  1. NNN07 – HAMAMATSU Workshop on Next Generation Nucleon Decay and Neutrino Detectors Fréjus site pre-study and beyond Site knowledge of Fréjus area State of studies for enlargement of undreground lab Further developements and items to consider for next stage design Hamamatsu 05.10.2007 M. Russo

  2. TheArea 670 km from Paris (F) 240 km from Milan (I) 190 km from Geneva (CH) 70 km from Turin (I) 200 km from Lyon (F)

  3. LSM Project for a 60’000 m3 extension to be constructed according to on-going projects (safety tunnel) A cavity of about 3’500 m3 at middle of Fréjus Road Tunnel in French Territory External LSM buildings (under construction) Project for Large scale underground laboratory (1’000’000 m3) For 3 types of experiments (Glacier, Memphys, Lena) Fréjus facilities and future projects IN2P3 (CNRS) and DAPNIA (CEA) run the Modane Underground Laboratory (LSM) The Lab Facilities are composed by:

  4. Historical tunnelling in the area since 1480 (Pertuis di Visio) …existing Fréjus Railway tunnel (1857-1871) 12.2 km … …existing Fréjus Motorway tunnel (1975 -1978) , 12.8 km… The Main Underground Projects in Area …Fréjus Road Tunnel safety tunnel, 12.8 km… …Lyon-Turin Railway base tunnel, ~57 km

  5. Fréjus tunnel entrance LSM underground facilities The underground LSM location Railway tunnel (actual)

  6. Frejus safety tunnel project (safety tunnel to road tunnel): Aims to raise safety level of Fréjus Motorway tunnel by (Governments requirements): • Adding 34 new shelters (every max 400 m) for auto-rescue of users; • Provide a safe issue for fire brigades for rescue purposes; • Provide an alternative issue to attack and manage fires and accidents in tunnel; • Provide new rooms for technical equipment renewals; • Accede to LSM without interferring with tunnel operation; • Possibility of maintenance of tunnel equipments not affecting Tunnel operation; • Provide fast access in case of accident. Frejus safety tunnel project 2006 (approved by Governments on 11.12.06): • Internal safety tunnel diameter 8.00 m (clearance profile 6.6x4.0m) • 5 carriage cross-adits (bypass) • Longitudinal ventilation of safety tunnel • 2 underground ventilation plants • Portals energy supply up to 8 MW on each side The On-Going Safety Tunnel Project

  7. OPTION 1 OPTION 2 Foreseen new laboratory rooms (60000 m3) • 2 New Halls • exc. A=37’500 m3 (opt.1) • exc. A=41’000 m3 (opt.2) • exc. B=15’000 m3 • by-pass tot. exc. 14’415 m3 • Safety Tunnel not modified • No interruptions of LSM activities • Flexibility for future upgrades • Favourable orientation • Excavated volume may be accomodated at the Safety Tunnel Deposit (F side)

  8. <65 m <130 m <80 m Megatonne project (SETEC-STONE) Position between railway and road tunnel Up to 5 independent shafts (various dimensions investigated) 130 m distance between shafts Shafts of max diameter 65 m and max height 80 m Total estimation of project (construction) 40+40 M € per shaft

  9. Megatonne project (SETEC-STONE)

  10. Calcareous schists Trias Series The Geology LSM Underground Facilities ~1800 m overburden

  11. Geology Geotechnics and Excavation Results • Geology: Calcitic Schists UCS (30-80 MPa) • Overburden: about 1800 m • Fractures 4 main systems • Exacavation profitable orthogonally to actual Tunnel (ENE) • Very little seepage (cracks filled) • Rock temperature around 30°

  12. 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2009 Projects milestones and relationships Possible starting point Y0 of “1Mt” extension Y0+6 end of civil works 60’000 m3 LSM extens. (3.5 months excavation) Start of safety tunnel excavation End of safety tunnel excavation End of safety tunnel equipment Operability of safety tunnel

  13. Safety tunnel (planned) Position 1 between railway and highway tunnel Fréjus Highway tunnel 400 m Fréjus railway tunnel (actual) Position 2 eastbound of highway tunnel Steps forward (location) Location of Megatonne project close to actual lab High overburden (~1800 m) Good rock quality (experienced during tunnel excavation) Use of exhaust duct of tunnel to site ventilation Underpass of highway tunnel Difficult mucking through safety tunnel Difficult energy supply (foreseen on opposite side) Difficult ventilation once in service Between two excavations (known area) Complement to small extension (single management and supervision) Mucking through safety tunnel Problematic site ventilation (exhaust)

  14. Roadmap to preliminary design Optimize excavations and final dimensions (i.e. elmininating access, reducing inter-shaft links, optimizing shaft shapes). Improove geologic knowledge (integrating knowledges from railway tunnel). Define ventilation requirements of excavation according to design revision and new national regulations Define needs in terms of cooling and purification equipment Investigate on: Compatibility of plannings among safety tunnel and Megatonne Project Mucking solution via safety tunnel (by belt or by trucks); Exact definition of interferences among safety tunnel operation and construction works (ventilation, waterelectricity supply, etc…) Final destination of materials (Environnemental issues, possibility of re-use,…) Refine costs estimations

  15. NNN07 – HAMAMATSU Workshop on Next Generation Nucleon Decay and Neutrino Detectors Fréjus site pre-study and beyond My personal idea of neutrino Thank-you for your attention Hamamatsu 05.10.2007 M. Russo