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PowerPoint POWER

PowerPoint POWER

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PowerPoint POWER

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  1. PowerPointPOWER

  2. Keep YourEyes on Me

  3. Pacing Tips • Limit yourself to 2 minutes per slide. • Large groups: • Fast-paced with many slides • Small group: • Slow-paced with fewer slides

  4. Making a First Impression So a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. • Practice. • Dress appropriately. • Consider opening with a joke, startling fact/stat, or interesting anecdote. • Display confidence: • Step boldly to the podium. • Drink a warm beverage; avoid ice water.

  5. Kiosks vs. Presentations

  6. Presentation Tips • Keep text to a minimum • Take full advantage of medium • Put text or complex tables or charts on a handout rather than a slide • Feel free to “break” presentation

  7. Make your power points powerful! Getting More Power with Power Point Presentations

  8. Power

  9. Staying in Business • These tips will allow you to keep your business thriving even in times of trouble (natural disasters, etc.) • You should have a cash reserve • Enough to last through at least three months with minimal income. • You should have good insurance • Do your homework and know the specifics of your insurance policy. • Be aware of assistance offered by local, state, regional, and national agencies.

  10. Staying in Business

  11. Setting Up Lists • Give rules before examples. • Make second level items follow naturally from first. • Avoid going to the third level or keep it minimal. • Keep elements short and parallel.

  12. Graphics • Keep graphs, charts, and diagrams simple. • Keep text brief and support graphics. • Avoid cheesy clip art and animation.

  13. Graphics & Text • Will your presentation be projected? • Will the audience be close enough to make out text and graphics? • Can you use a laser or pointer? • Are your slides or graphics overloaded?

  14. Q&A Tips • Anticipate likely questions. • Keep answers concise. • Thank the person who asked the question. • Prepare for blank stares with your own “emergency questions.”

  15. Delivery Tips • Speak loudly and clearly. • Make eye contact with different people. • Control body language. • Tease audience with big finish.

  16. Dealing with Fear • Remember that even professionals have stage fright. • Remember that fear can motivate you to do an awesome job. • Breathe! • Treat it like a conversation.

  17. Now it’s your turn to perform an EXTREME MAKEOVER!

  18. SLIDE #1 • A good business requires a good work staff. That’s why we intend to train our staff very carefully in a 6-week training course before they are allowed to work with customers. • This 6-week training course will focus on providing top quality service and responding to customer complaints. • For example, a customer receives the wrong order. • For example, the food does not satisfy the customer. • Steak undercooked; too much salt; too spicy. • This 6-week training course will focus on providing top quality service and ensuring that customers leave the restaurant with a smile on their face. • For example, server and host tell customer to have a good night and please come back. • “Have a nice night, and we hope to see you again soon!”

  19. Slide #2 • The location we have have chosen for our restaurant is a good location. • Lots of TRAFFIC • Located near the campus with out much distance; it is within WALKING DISTANCE. • Land is available for a low, inexpensive and very reasonable PRICE.

  20. SLIDE #3

  21. SLIDE #4 • We’re a committed team that is dedicated to providing top-quality service. We intend to be the best restaurant in ST CLOUD, Minnesota!!!!