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Community & Family Resource Center PowerPoint Presentation
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Community & Family Resource Center

Community & Family Resource Center

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Community & Family Resource Center

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  1. Community & Family Resource Center

  2. Community & Family Resource Center (CFRC) CFRC is dedicated to strengthening families and communities by providing information, education and support. The Center is a collaborative effort of city and state agencies, the community, volunteers, and community based organizations.

  3. Community & Family Resource Center HISTORY Led by the East Baltimore Community Corporation, in partnership with the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services and the Family League of Baltimore City, the community Advisory Board of the Baltimore City Juvenile Justice Center (BCJJC) proposed the creation of a family resource center to meet the needs of children and families connecting with the Juvenile Justice system. Later, a partnership was formed among community members, government agencies, local organizations, and universities to bring the center to life. The Community and Family Resource Center is funded by the Family League of Baltimore City and the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services. The Resource Center is operated by the East Baltimore Community Corporation, in partnership with all the user agencies in the Baltimore City Juvenile Justice Center. The Community and Family Resource Center located within the Baltimore City Juvenile Justice Center opened its doors on Sept 12, 2005.

  4. 1. To assist families with youth detained at the Juvenile Justice Center to access community resources that will make their child’s re-entry to the community more successful. Provide short-term family support activities and services. Provide long-term referral and family support services. Reduce the number of youth held in detention due to parental refusal or unavailability. To conduct follow-up on referrals made to community based services. Community & Family Resource Center OBJECTIVES:

  5. Community & Family Resource Center OBJECTIVES: • 2. To prevent further delinquency, detention or confinement of Baltimore City Youth by: • Providing educational, referral and support services. • Strengthening the capacity of families to advocate for their child. • Referring families to community based services.

  6. Community & Family Resource Center GOALS • Reduce the number of youth in detention because of parental refusal or unavailability. • Utilize existing community based resources to connect families and children to services.

  7. Community & Family Resource Center

  8. Community & Family Resource Center CATEGORIES OF REFERRALS: • Housing • Mentoring • Parenting Classes • Employment • Mediation • Community Services • Anger Management • Supportive Services • Education • Legal – Child Custody • Health Care • Parenting Issues • Job Training/ Employment • Court Advocacy • Support Groups • Volunteerism • Clothing • Job Placement • Recreation • Counseling • Drug Treatment

  9. Department of Juvenile Justice Maryland Public Defenders Office The Family League of Baltimore City State’s Attorneys Office for Baltimore City Baltimore City Police Department Baltimore City Department of Social Services Baltimore City Public School System Baltimore City Court System within the Juvenile Justice Center Maryland Department of Resources Non-traditional Community Based Programs Baltimore City Health Department Legal Aid Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Johns Hopkins Center for the Prevention of Adolescent Violence Community & Family Resource Center PARTNERS

  10. Community & Family Resource Center CURRENT OUTCOMES DJS Intake Referrals July 1, 2006 - Present Category: Referred to CFRC Reconnected to Parent Connected to Resources Parental Refusals/ 95 89 50 Unavailability Community Services 21 13 Sub Totals: 116 89 63 Special Hearings (Started October 2006) Parental Refusals / Unavailability15 12 8 Sub Total: 15 12 8 Grand Totals: 131 101 71

  11. Community & Family Resource Center OUTCOMES July 1, 2006 - Present Total Walk-ins 232 Total Referred to Services 168 Family/ Individual Assessments 98

  12. Community & Family Resource Center OUTCOMES • From September 2005 – Present • CFRC received 1430 visits. • Out of 1430 visits, 926 of these have been referred to community based services. • Out of 926 visits, 628 had a family/individual assessment with a CFRC staff member.

  13. Community & Family Resource Center CUSTOMER FEEDBACK “Thanks to CFRC staff for all of your help, your support was greatly appreciated. I could not have made it without your help.” M. Watts “CFRC is Heaven sent!” H. Whitfield “Thanks for everything; CFRC saved my family’s life. You helped me to navigate through this process.” C. Berger

  14. Community & Family Resource Center NEW INITIATIVES • Baltimore City Police Department (BCPD) On Call • Special Hearings (Formal Notice of Charges) • Community Re-Entry Initiatives • Children In Need of Supervision (CINS)