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H o m e w o r k

H o m e w o r k

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H o m e w o r k

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  1. Homework Why do we do homework? Duni- to increase our independence with doing our work at home without asking the teacher. Matt- If the teacher teaches something and we run out of time we can do it at home to work on it some more. Brooke- say we are at school and we do a task at school and you want to go beyond you can do it for homework and it gets you ready for high school. Reece- My mum is an investigator as a police so she has files she has to do at home. Lots of parents have deadlines in their job they need to work to. Mrs Murnane- Practising our organisation for our future. Hallen- to learn more about topics in class and it isgood for independently revising your skills. Why do we have a ‘due date’? Why do we need to get our homework done by that day? Zoe- because if you don’t have a due date people might not do it and might leave it. Brooke J- if they didn’t have a due date they would do it when they feel like it and it wouldn’t be good for the future and they might become lazy. Josh J- might have one bit of homework for the whole year. Brooke C- piggybacking on Brooke if we didn’t have a due date everyone would be unorganised. Liam- piggybackoing on Brooke if you didn’t have a due date your future wouldn’t be as good as it would because you wouldn’t be as organised.

  2. Homework • How can we achieve success in our homework? • Matt- don’t leave your homework until the last minute- get it over and done with so you don’t have to worry anymore. • Taeyah- Some people leave it until the last minute and don’t have enough time and then it is rushed. If you get it done and do the things you are supposed to you will be successful. • Amy- piggybacking onto Taeyah if you leave it until the last minute you might not get it done and it will be late. If you do it in the first week you could have a break the second week. • Nimisha- if you do your homework really neatly and organised and you will get used to it and use it in your future. • Hallen- look through your homework when you get home and if you don’t know how to to do something ask the teacher the next day and then go home and do it. • Hayley- ask your parents for help. • Liam- go on our class blog and ask questions. • Hao- if your parents aren’t home and you want to get it done you could search the internet. • Brooke- last year we had to create a timetable of when we would do our homework- I can still use my timetable. • Hand your homework in on time.

  3. Homework • What happens if we don’t do our homework? • Michelle- last year we had to stay in to finish it. • Reece- sit out on Friday Fun. • Duni- we had to write a note to our parents. • Shannon- miss out on anything fun- sit out and do homework. • Hallen- you might be disorganised and it will be a regular thing. • Matt- you might not get as much education as the other people who did their homework. • Brooke- you might not develop properly. • Nimisha- you might get bad results in your report. • Brooke- you might not learn as much. • The class decided that each person gets one chance each term. If homework is not brought in the student will stay in at recess and lunch until it is completed.

  4. Homework • How can we Go Beyond in our homework? • Read longer than the one hour that is expected. • By completing optional activities. • Be really creative- different ways of presenting eg. Movies, photos, posters • Choose to complete more than the minimum tasks. • Make it organised, neat and colourful. • Why would we bother to Go Beyond in our homework? • Hao- since you’ve already started and you might have finished, since you’re doing ti you may as well do a bit more to be better fpr your future. • Aidan- you might be bored • Reece- your Mum might force you • Mrs Murnane- are these really the things that should motivate you to ‘go beyond’. • Brock- so you can be successful when you’re older. • Aidan- you can push yourself in your future and you might get a raise. • Hao- when you’re in university you study for four years, if you can suceed in the tests you get a certificate and it’s easier for you to get a job.