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Rooftop Restaurant in Jaipur PowerPoint Presentation
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Rooftop Restaurant in Jaipur

Rooftop Restaurant in Jaipur

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Rooftop Restaurant in Jaipur

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  4. Rooftop Restaurant in Jaipur Pleasant places with a beautiful view make everything better be it a dinner with your family, a date or with your fun-loving BFF. With the daily busy schedule, we often get bored and never appreciate the beauty of our city. Jaipur is full of beautiful places to hang out and dine out. It sounds very tempting to go and spend your quality time with the beauty of nature. Rooftop restaurants are the best places where you can soothe your soul.

  5. 1. Wind view Café 2. Jaipur Adda 3. Skylights Café 4. 3 D’s 5. Hitbhuk Mitbhuk 6. Replay Jaipur 7. Green Apple 8. Tapri the Tea House 9. Color bar 10. Courtyard Cafe & Lounge

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  7. Rajasthani food to eat in Jaipur Jaipur, the most visited city of Rajasthan and the centre of attraction among tourist. Jaipur is the place of historic wonders like Amer Fort, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Nahargarh, City Palace, etc. Being the most happening city of Rajasthan, Jaipur is big on tourism and a shopping destination. Apart from it, it is a delight for food lovers too. The food in Jaipur offers a variety, cultural experience. The Rajasthani food here is usually spicy, tangy, sweet, ghee-dripped and difficult to resist. Here’s a list of the Rajasthani food eateries which you must try.

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