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  2. Payroll Department An Extension of the Accounting Dept. • The staff is located in the Professional Bldg. (MFI) Suite 400 • Supervisor • Katina Gatlin x5389 • Faculty • Two Payroll Specialist • Alicia Correa x3830 • Departments 1020-1032 (Administration) 1140-1248;1310-2200 (labs & clinics) • Maria Morales x3618 • Departments 3000 (SLAHP/WIC) 9982-9983 (Animal Care) 1110-1139 (labs & clinics)

  3. Payroll Calendar • The Workweek begins each Monday at 12:01AM and ends the following Sunday at midnight. • Pay period hours are noted for each pay cycle. • T= time card due date • P= pay day • H= LABioMed holiday • L= late time card processing A list of holidays are listed in the Employee’s Handbook.

  4. Pay Days • Semi-monthly payroll with 24 pay periods in a year. • Pay dates are on the 7th and the 22nd of each calendar month. • When pay day falls on a Sat. the pay date moves to the closest Friday; when on a Sun. to the closest Mon. (please refer to the payroll calendar). • When pay day falls on a LABioMed Holiday, the pay date will move to either the business day before or after.

  5. Additional Payroll Resources Payroll Informational Tools: • A wealth of information and payroll forms may be accessed by employees by going to the LABioMed intranet at: http://reiintranet/ • A payroll bulletin board is located in the N-14 building outside of the Accounting Dept. • Payroll also sends regular broadcast messages, payroll stuffers, check stub memos and articles in the Human Resources Newsletter.

  6. Time Cards • A timecard must be submitted by all employees. • Time cards are usually due on the 15th and the last day of the month (please refer to payroll calendar). • They are due in the Payroll Department by 11:00 a.m. on the due date and considered late if received after 5:00 p.m. on the same day. • Must be completed in blue or black ink only. • Payroll will accept a copy or faxed timecard However, the original timecard must be submitted to payroll by payday.

  7. LATE TIMECARDS • Timecards that are turned in after 5:00 p.m. on the due date will be paid after 4 p.m. on the 10th or 25th day of the month immediately following pay day. Checks paid late are available for pick-up in the Accounting Dept. located in Bldg. N-14. • When the 10th or 25th day of the month falls on a LABioMed holiday or weekend, the check is processed the first business day before. • Timecards with incorrect, missing or incomplete 10-digit project numbers are processed as late timecards. • Direct deposit is interrupted for all late timecards. • Payroll will accept a copy or faxed timecard to avoid late processing under extreme circumstances. The payroll fax number is (310) 222-6717. However, the original timecard must be submitted by payday.

  8. Time Card Corrections The LABioMed time card is a legal document and any required corrections are done accordingly: • Draw a horizontal line through the entire error. • Do not write, erase or use whiteout over the original information. • Enter the correct information either above, to the side or below the original entry. • Employee and Supervisor/Investigator must initial all corrections to the time card.

  9. Employee Pay Status The Payroll Department is responsible for processing the wages for all LABioMed employees and faculty members. The different pay status for active employees include, but or not limited to, the following: • Employees that are exempt or non-exempt from the California and Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). • 100% and 80% full-time, part-time and temporary employees.

  10. Special Employment Classification • Fellows: • Must submit a timecard to the Payroll Office for payment. • Must submit a fellowship appointment form and payment schedule upon hire and reinstatements each year thereafter to the HR Dept. • Faculty: • Must have a current FSED (Faculty Salary Encumbrance Document) on file in the Payroll Office for each year of active status. • Must submit a revision to the FSED on file for all changes to the payment schedule via the Grants and Contracts Dept.

  11. MEAL / REST PERIODS • All non-exempt employees are entitled to at least a 30 minute meal period not more than five hours after the start of their shift. • Further, non-exempt employees are entitled to a 10 minute paid rest period, in the middle of their shift, for every four hours worked.

  12. Vacation / Sick Leave • Once hours are posted in the system they are available for employee use. • Vacation and Sick leave balances are recorded on employee’s check stubs. • Vacation and Sick leave hours are not advanced to employees. • Once the vacation/sick accrual limit is met the employee will stop accruing hours.

  13. Pre-printed with Name, Dept. # and Pay Period Ending Date Record hours worked over 8 in the overtime row. Record Explanation if hours are entered on line 10 Record All In and Out Times. Record All Hours Worked or Not Worked with totals. Record 10 Digit Project Number Have Your Supervisor/Investigator sign your Time Card. Sign your Time Card.

  14. Record 10 Digit Project Number Record All Hours Worked or Not Worked with totals. Have Your Supervisor/Investigator sign your Time Card. Sign your Time Card

  15. Pay Checks • Pay checks are available for distribution to authorized representatives of each department at 11.00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on pay days. • Each employee must sign for his/her paycheck when received. • Employees must verify all information on their pay stub each payday: Personal information • Earnings, Taxes and Deductions • Balances and Year-to-date information

  16. Taxes Forms • W 4 - Federal Form • W 5 - Federal Form • DE4 - California State Form Types of Taxes • Federal Withholding Tax (FWT) • State Withholding Tax (SWT-CA) • Federal Insurance Compensation Act. (FICA) • Social Security -6.2% wage base $106,800.00 max. $6,621.60. • Medicare -1.45% no wage base.(FICA-MCARE) • State Disability Insurance (SDI) 1.1% wage base of $90,669 maximum $997.36.

  17. Direct Deposit • Maximum two accounts. • May sign up for automatic deposit to checking and/or saving account. • 100% of the employee’s pay is issued via direct deposit OR check, not both. • Must complete, sign and attach a copy of voided check for checking account and a direct deposit authorization from your bank for savings accounts. • Allow two pay periods before direct deposit takes effect.

  18. Employee’s name Date Name Of Bank Bank Account # Checking / Saving Bank Routing # Fixed Amount Account Holder(s) Name Account Holder(s) Signature