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Country Inn & Suites PowerPoint Presentation
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Country Inn & Suites

Country Inn & Suites

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Country Inn & Suites

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  1. Country Inn & Suites By: Jonathan Privette

  2. Jim • Tom • Debra • Manager: Christine Sweitzer Owners and Employees

  3. 3270 New York 417, Olean New York 14760 Location

  4. Located on Route 417 across SBU • 76 rooms • Pool • Hot tub • Continental breakfast • Double Queen Suites, King size Suites, King whirlpool, and Hospitality suites Info

  5. Went to the office • Took off my jacket • Asked what I needed to do Before the job

  6. Tom and Jim taught me how to clean the pool • Tom and I drained the hot tub • Tom taught me how to vacuum the pool Pool/ Hot Tub

  7. Jim taught me how to use the Salt Spreader • Jim used the snow blower to get all the snow off the sidewalks and I used the salt spreader to put down the salt • I loaded the salt in the Salt Spreader Salt Spreader

  8. Debra taught me how to check rooms • Check the temp • Check the beds • Check the bathrooms Check Rooms

  9. Jim and I went outside to clean the yard • I used the broom to get all the rocks and put them in the wheelbarrow Raking/ Shoveling

  10. I learned that Maintenance has a a lot things to do • I learned how to clean the pool • I learned how to vacuum the pool • I learn how to do the HP for the pool and PH for the pool as well What I Learned

  11. My favorite part was when I helped Jim and Tom. They both are very nice guys. My favorite part was Tom showed me how to do the PH and HP for the pool. Helping Jim cleaning up the parking lot and that was funas well My Favorite Part

  12. The day we were off, Jim called me and asked me if I wanted to help him to put up drywall. We put the drywall up in a house behind the Hampton hotel. • Jim told me that I am a hard worker. • The steps to put up the drywall is to measure the drywall, cut it, and then put it up and screw it into the studs. • Then we put the tape on the drywall and then he used the mud but NOT real mud, the mud for the drywall. He used two coats of the mud on the drywall. Drywall

  13. Thank You for letting me to work with Jim, Tom, and Debra. Jim thank you for teaching me other great jobs. Tom thank you for showing me how to do the PH and the HP that was fun. Jim and Tom, you are two very nice guys to work with. Thank You

  14. Cattaraugus Arts Council By: Noah Smith

  15. Owners and Employees • Anne Conroy-Baiter • Courtney Blackmon-Mealy • Heather Carroll

  16. Location • 100 W Main St Allegany, NY 14706

  17. working hours • Open Monday–Thursday 8 am–7 pm and Friday 8 am–3 pm

  18. Info about the Cattaraugus Arts Council • The Arts Council has been running for 16 years • CCAC has “evolved to encompass a vision of improving quality of life in the Southern Tier and Northern Pennsylvania by selling art to adults and children” • They have been supporting artists for many years

  19. What they do in the Arts Council • They teach art to the new people who want to make art • They sell art from the artists that want to sell their art • They also support artists through exhibitions, tours, and sales opportunities

  20. Equipment • Use over 200 kinds of art equipment to make art • They also use pottery wheels

  21. Before they work with people • Before they start helping people with clay models and painting they always wear an apron • Also they get ready ahead of time and get their equipment

  22. The tasks I did were… • I organized envelopes • Painted the rims on the table • Organized fliers, location maps, and info cards

  23. Fliers We stacked the fliers by 25 and 10’s they gave them to each elementary schools in the area. They were offering classes over spring break. The children were going to make art project.

  24. Pricing things • We priced pieces of art that people were going to sell and some of them were $5-$40. We put price tags on statues, novelty items, felted Easter items, and jewelry.

  25. Cleaning Clay makes everything dusty so we cleaned the tables, We cleaned the shelves, and we cleaned the chairs

  26. Stuffing envelopes • I stuffed a lot of envelopes during my EFE. Some of them were for the schools and hospitals. I had to stuff pamphlets, fliers, and Routes to Art maps

  27. Routes to Art • The Routes to Art is a group of artists in Cattaraugus county that display their works in different locations • Its on May 17-18, 2014 you can drive around, meet artists, buy their pieces of art, see artists portfolios, and learn about the art they did

  28. My favorite part • My favorite part was the last day I drew Paladin Butters the Percival. I got to draw my drawing on big poster paper. I also liked painting the rims of the tables.

  29. Thank you • Thank you, its been a great time working with you. I hope I can work there when I get older and get a degree. Thank you  Have a nice day

  30. ALCS Cafeteria & Maintenance By Cody Goodwill

  31. Cafeteria • I worked with Mrs. Diffenderfer

  32. Things I did in the Cafeteria • Counted ketchup • Counted Juice • Counted silverware. • Counted cereal • We counted these because the kids need them for lunch. • I folded towels and dishrags. • Put pizza on a tray

  33. Maintence • I worked with Larry Zimbardi

  34. Things I Did in Maintenance • Cleaned the equipment in the weight room • Washed the windows • Took out garbage • Swept the floor • Helped with the set for the play • Finish a project with Mrs. Ruffner’s

  35. Things I Learned • How to wash windows • Wash the top ones first • The weight room equipment needs to be cleaned to get off sweat and germs • They make food in the cafeteria • You have to count in the cafeteria

  36. Thank you!

  37. Napoleon Engineering Services By: Matthew Buckley

  38. Owner/ Staff • Heather Piatt office manager • Chris Napoleon • Jim • Tom • Mrs. Hitchcock

  39. Location • 1601 Johnson Street • Olean New York 14760

  40. Info • Test Bearings • Make Bearings • Send out bearings • Inspect for defects • Ship to every where in the United States of America

  41. Test bearings • Have to make sure there are no cracks

  42. Make bearings • It starts out as steel • They have different machines to make and form the bearings • They send it to the front of the building to be examined • They inspect it and test it • Send it out to the consumer

  43. The importance of inspecting • If they don’t inspect it correctly before it is sent out, it could be detrimental to both corporations • Make sure it doesn't break • It doesn’t have any defects

  44. Bearings are used for: • Air planes • Space shuttles • Rockets • Tractors • Trains • Race cars

  45. Before the job/ preparations • Sign in • Get a badge

  46. Tasks/ Duties • Filed the folders • Washed the floor • Filed the invoices by numbers in the correct business

  47. Things I learned • I found it amazing that a small town called Olean, New York delivers bearings to the international space station • They get a lot of bills and pay checks each month • They need to be kept organized by invoice numbers

  48. End Of The Day • Signed out • Took my badge off • Said good bye • Waited for ride

  49. Favorite Part: • Being able to wash the floor • Because it felt that I was driving