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Auto/Metal Shop Safety: General Safety PowerPoint Presentation
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Auto/Metal Shop Safety: General Safety

Auto/Metal Shop Safety: General Safety

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Auto/Metal Shop Safety: General Safety

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  1. Auto/Metal Shop Safety:General Safety

  2. Eye Protection Safety glasses must be worn whenever: • you are using/ or near a machine, power tool, or hand tool where sparks, chips, or grindings are created • working on a vehicle or lab (watching also) • using dangerous chemicals or liquids

  3. Eye Protection Face shields must be worn whenever grinding or working with molten metals that could burn your face.

  4. Eye Protection Tinted safety goggles should be worn while gas welding to protect your eyes from the bright flame. Welding helmets and safety glasses should be worn during all other welding processes to prevent damage to your eyes from high UV light. Use welding screens to protect others.

  5. It only takes a second.....

  6. What happens when you don’t wear safety glasses?

  7. Long Hair Long hair must be tied back to prevent the chance of being pulled into spinning/moving machinery, car parts, and tools.

  8. Clothing and Shoes To prevent getting pulled into a machine, take off any long sleeve jackets / hoodies/ties and tuck in hoodie straps. You must have closed toe shoes and coveralls to work in the shop!

  9. Jewellery & Headphones Take off any jewellery and headphones when working in the shop.

  10. Situations You Need To Let The Teacher Know About • Leaving the room for any reason • If you hurt yourself • If you see someone who is being unsafe • If you see a machine/tool is broken • If you are unsure about a process/machine • If you see a fire

  11. Goofing Around & Running Goofing around and running in the auto shop is extremely dangerous due to people working on machines/vehicles and possible tripping/slipping hazards.

  12. Operating Machines You must attend the safety demo, pass the safety test (85% to pass), and have the teacher’s permission before using any machines in the shop. Always completely stop a machine before adjusting or cleaning. All work stops when the teacher is not in the room.

  13. Working Around Machines • Work Area Space: Operator’s Zone • Machine’s Out of Order • Lockout Procedure

  14. Working in the Shop • Without an Instructor • Materials – Scrap vs. Stock

  15. Emergency Stop Buttons Never press the emergency stop buttons unless there is an emergency and the power needs to be turned off.

  16. Power Tools • Training? • Permission? • Power Cord Safety?

  17. Fire Extinguishers If there is a fire, let the teacher know and only use a fire extinguisher if the need arises. Do not attempt to put out a fire by yourself! Never use a Co2 fire extinguisher on a person, use a fire blanket.

  18. Fire Extinguisher Safety

  19. Eye Wash Station If you get something in your eye, let the teacher know so they can help you wash out your eye.

  20. Proper Lifting Techniques

  21. Fire & Earthquake Evacuation

  22. Code Yellow & Red

  23. A Clean Shop Is A Safe Shop The last 8-10 minutes of each class is designated for clean up. Clean and put the tools away first, label your project, sweep off/clean your work area/vehicle (turned off!), and then sweep the floor or pick up any debris. Failure to clean up will result in loss of shop time.

  24. Protect the Hands! • Metal can be sharp... So use a brush and pan!

  25. South Delta Automotive Students • Do not touch or remove anyone’s possessions unless you have their express permission!

  26. What Have We Covered? Shop Policy & Procedure • Clean-up • 3Ts Hair and Clothing Attire • Horseplay • Teacher needs to know: four situations • Eye protection • Shop Environment • Safety Culture