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Content Marketing

Content Marketing. Laurie Macomber Owner Blue Skies Marketing #FCIP . What IS Content Marketing? . It’s YOU in the driver’s seat! Brands act like the publishers Provide quality content to gain Awareness Interest Desire Action . When Did This H appen? .

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Content Marketing

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  1. Content Marketing Laurie Macomber Owner Blue Skies Marketing #FCIP

  2. What IS Content Marketing? • It’s YOU in the driver’s seat! • Brands act like the publishers • Provide quality content to gain • Awareness • Interest • Desire • Action

  3. When Did This Happen? Started with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) • Content on the website helped you rank on SERPs • New content regularly showed you ‘cared’ about your site – and were always rankable • Easy way to achieve that dynamism? • Blogs! • Better Listings On Google! Then came SOCIAL MEDIA

  4. Social Media Begets Content Marketing? Marry SEO and Facebook and you get Google’s attention Blog mentions in the feeds of your FB fans = Awareness What else do you need? • Interest • Desire • Action

  5. AIDA – not just a Verdi opera anymore! • You generated Awareness, but how do you get appreciation and loyalty? • i.e. Interest, Desire, Action? • Create and curate relevant content customized for your particular and unique audience. • The Internet allows you to do this! No publishers need apply. Take matters in your own hands now.

  6. Why Content Marketing? • More cost effective and targeted way to generate awareness versus print/TV/radio advertising, direct mail, billboards • Databases can hold lots of info about your donors, customers • Gives real meaning to “lifetime value” of your loyal customers • Internet provides search rankings, targeted social interaction, pay per click advertising, video broadcasting…. and regular lead nurturing via email • Market feedback is in real time and more measurable than ever

  7. What Is Common Characteristic of Content Marketing? UNIQUE and USEFUL Content! • Copy, text, words on the page • Visuals – that illustrate the topic • Words and Pictures that are valuable to your target audience • Stories that engage

  8. Content Cascades • It CASCADES: • Watch what can happen next: • Make a video version • Make a podcast of it • Can it be a white paper? • A special bulletin! • An infographic? • An infoanimation . . . . • A social media post – or sequential ones? • A press release? • Pitch the article to industry bloggers or pubs?

  9. Your Strategy – Your Core Concepts • Find out what’s special about you – your USP • Determine what the target audience wants to know • Have that USP in mind • Define a PERSONA for your buyer or client • Discover what openings the competition has left you • Then decide your TOPICS strategically

  10. Marketing Persona • Clearly defines the target audience to ensure content speaks directly to them. • Personas are not a single user. • They are a representation of a theoretical group of users. • Captured in a 1-2 page description that include behavior patterns, goals, skills, attitudes, and a few fictional details • They make the persona a realistic character. • Do one for each decision type. • User, Buyer, Influencer, etc.

  11. Next: Editorial Calendar • Every month of the year planned • Be prepared to make mid-course corrections • Weekly tactics in rows • Best to know which are AIDA! • Each tactic is color coded

  12. Editorial Calendar

  13. Analyze Website & Blog • Google Analytics Facebook • Insights • Same for Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube Email • Your distribution provider • Like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp HINT: • Make sure your content is easily sharable from your tactics • Let others be your PR agent!

  14. Content Marketing “Having the content your audience needs Delivered in all the places they go!” - Content Marketing Institute

  15. Strategic Concepts – example • Our client in Italy brokers heavy construction equipment • Their USPs? • All women in a man’s world • Ultra attentive and conscientious • Happy employees and uplifted attitude • Multi-lingual and global • Extremely knowledgeable and experienced • Highly networked

  16. Their Topics • Customer Service Excellence – Doing things with Amore • Advice about doing business around the world, even in hot spots • Bon Voyage – every shipment is celebrated in the destination language • Motivational Mondays – hear from the CEO about being deserving of the best life has to offer, including fine equipment that lasts

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