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New Hampshire

New Hampshire

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New Hampshire

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  1. New Hampshire By Laura

  2. Mount Washington Did you know there is a mountain in New Hampshire? Lots of people go to New Hampshire to see Mount Washington. Mount Washington had a 231 miles per hour wind speed on April 12 1934. Mount Washington is 6,288 feet tall. Mount Washington has a lot of visit.

  3. Beaches In New Hampshire there’s popular beaches. The Atlantic Ocean might be one popular beach. At a beach there is sand, water, tide pools, and waves. Things you may bring to the beach are, an umbrella, blanket, other things you need for the beach. If you want to go to a beach in New Hampshire then you have to get your supplies ready to go.

  4. Bird Watching and Fishing and things in New Hampshire If you want to learn about New Hampshire’s nature, then listen. You can go bird watching because there’s birds flying. If you need help bird watching or don’t know about bird watching, then I’ll tell you. First you need to get the supplies ready. You’ll need a hat, a bottle of water , and binoculars. The best time bird watching is in summer and spring. Then look around for a bird but only listen then quietly look around in the trees don’t for get to get a bird book. Finally look at it close then look at it at the book of birds and look up the bird and read the bird’s name and if there’s facts about the bird read it. If you want to go fishing then I will tell you how to fish. First you will need is a fishing hook, worms or food that fish likes by seeing a fish book. Then put the food on the hook. Then throw the hook as hard as you can and don’t forget to throw the hook to the water but not where there’s no water. Finally wait until you fell a little strong pull then you use the wheel to pull up the fish.

  5. The bird at New Hampshire is the Purple Finch and the flower of New Hampshire is the Purple Lilac.

  6. New Hampshire’s Flag

  7. New Hampshire’s Sports If you want to go find a sport in New Hampshire then I will tell you about the sports in New Hampshire. First in winter there are people ice skating, sledding, ice climbing, ice fishing, and other winter sports in New Hampshire. In New Hampshire over 25,000 jack-o- lanterns in New Hampshire for The Keene Pumpkin Festival. There’s car races in spring or summer. If you love sports then go see New Hampshire’s sports.

  8. People Ken Burns is a American filmmaker and lives in New Hampshire. Daniel Webster was a United State Secretary of State. Horace Greeley was a leading newspaper editor and he was a presidential candidate in 1872. Alan B. Shepard, Jr. was the first, second person to go to space. If you want to learn about these people’s childhood or where they're born or where they live then go see a website or a book to find more.

  9. New Hampshire’s cities and capital In 1808 Concord became New Hampshire’s capital. Today, insurance, printing, and health care are the most important industries in Concord. Dover was found in 1623 and it is the oldest lasting settlement in New Hampshire. Manchester is New Hampshire’s largest city and its population is 108,874. If you want to learn more about New Hampshire’s city then go see a book or website.

  10. Bibliography Jensen, Niels R. New Hampshire. Edina, Minn.: ABDO Pub., 2010. Print.