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Pastor/Teacher - Jim Rickard Sunday, January 10, 2010. Grace Fellowship Church www.GraceDoctrine.org. 2009 Lessons in Review. Weeknight Studies Gospel of John 13:31-14:31.

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Grace Fellowship Church GraceDoctrine

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  1. Pastor/Teacher - Jim Rickard Sunday, January 10, 2010 Grace Fellowship Churchwww.GraceDoctrine.org

  2. 2009 Lessons in Review

  3. Weeknight StudiesGospel of John 13:31-14:31

  4. 1. Chapter 13:31-32; The Glorification of the Humanity of Jesus Christ for His completed work on the Cross. a. Doctrine of Glorification b. How believers glorify God2. Vs. 33; The Ascension and Session of the Lord Jesus Christ.3. Vs. 34-35; The New Commandment to Love as Christ loved us. a. Doctrine of AGAPE Love b. Discipleship is demonstrated when you apply AGAPE love.

  5. 4. Vs. 36; Extensive Doctrine of the Twelve Apostles.5. Vs. 37-38; Simon Peter’s question and false zeal. a. Prophecy of Peter’s three denials.6. Chapter 14:1-3; Promise of Eternal Security.7. Vs. 4-6; The Way, Truth and Life. a. Jesus is the only means to salvation and relationship with the Father.

  6. 8. Vs. 7-11; Knowing Christ, you know the Father. a. Doctrine of GAP b. Doctrine of the Importance of having Bible Doctrine resident in your soul. c. Portfolio of Invisible Assets9. Vs. 12; The Church Age Believer will accomplish greater things than Christ did.

  7. 10. Vs. 13-14; Confidence in Prayer. a. Doctrine of Prayer 1) Your priesthood 2) How to approach God in prayer b. Doctrine of Intercession c. Four ways how God answers prayer petitions: (+ -; - +; - -; + +) d. Why prayers are not answered e. Special types of prayers, Thanks giving, meals, for sick, unsaved, communication of doctrine, spiritual adulthood, wisdom, etc.

  8. 11. Vs. 15; Occupation with the Lord Jesus Christ. a. Keeping His mandates12. Vs. 16-17; Send the PARAKLETOS. a. Doctrine of the Indwelling of God the Holy Spirit b. Doctrine of the Holy Spirit’s ministry 1) Deity, cannon of scriptures, to O.T. Believers, to Christ, to Church Age believers

  9. 13. Vs. 18-21; Jesus will not leave us as Orphans. a. Doctrine of Logistical Grace b. Doctrine of the Indwelling Christ 1) Temple of God 2) Prophecy of Christ’s Indwelling 3) Indwelt by all three members of the Trinity 4) A personal relationship with God

  10. 14. Vs 22-24; A Personal Relationship with the Believer that the World can not know. a) Guarding the Word in your Soul b) Authority Orientation c) Just like Right Man / Woman d) Principles of Reversionism (not loving Christ) e) Source of Bible Doctrine is God the Father

  11. 15. Vs. 25-26; Jesus’ Teaching Ministry. a. Doctrine of the Trinity 1) Early Church Creeds (Nicene, Athanasian) 2) Essence of God

  12. 16. Vs. 27-31; Closing Remarks. a. Doctrine of Peace b. Doctrine of Satan’s Cosmic System c. Doctrine of Fear d. 2nd Coming and Rapture of the Church - Prophecy Timelines e. AGAPE Love f. Sharing the Happiness of God g. Doctrine of Humility h. Obedience to the Word and Will of God

  13. Grace Offering

  14. Grace Fellowship ChurchSunday, January 10, 2010Tape # 10-003Review of 2009Study Lessons James H. Rickard Bible Ministries 2010

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