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Sixth Grade Curriculum Night Hickory Flat Elementary School

Sixth Grade Curriculum Night Hickory Flat Elementary School. Welcome. AGENDA. Daily classwork and homework Hallway passes/restroom/media Notes home for communication Student Handbook/expectations Absences-Handwritten note/doctor’s excuse within 5 days

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Sixth Grade Curriculum Night Hickory Flat Elementary School

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  1. Sixth Grade Curriculum NightHickory FlatElementary School Welcome

  2. AGENDA • Daily classwork and homework • Hallway passes/restroom/media • Notes home for communication • Student Handbook/expectations • Absences-Handwritten note/doctor’s excuse within 5 days • Discipline-behavior pages begin on page 15. Please check at least weekly Primary source of communication between student-parent-teacher

  3. The Agenda – Points System • A “Dear Parents” letter (white) came home the first week of school explaining the points system and its deduction scale. • 94-note home in agenda or email • 89-silent lunch • 81-In team Isolation • 77-Parent Conference • 72-Office Referral • Points affect conduct grade • Less than 85 points will result in loss of 9 week reward party

  4. Transportation If your student will be going home a different way we need a note in the morning or you will need to send an email to the office since we often don’t get a chance to check our email during the day. If going home with another student, BOTH students must have a note.

  5. Grading Scale • Grades are weighted in 6th grade-not total points. • We are currently making adjustments. Notice of any changes will go home in the weekly newsletter. • Tests 25% • Projects 25% • Quizzes 20% • Classwork/Computer Programs 20% • Homework10%

  6. Five Academic Classes • Language arts • Math • Reading • Science • Social Studies

  7. Math Number Systems and FluencyGeometryAlgebra - ExpressionsData Analysis and StatisticsTextbook Online - There is a link through our website. Students received a handout regarding how to register for online textbook via Carnegie.Also, We have access to ABC Book company online-students also received directions for this.Parents/Curriculum/Math/ELA Informationhttps://www.georgiastandards.org/Pages/default.aspx

  8. Language Arts Informational and Argumentative writing Research paper DOL-Grammar, spelling, conventions-One grade per quarter Routine writing-journals, Online Essay Scorer

  9. Reading Elements of Informational and Literary texts novel study AR points-graded-20 points and a minimum of 85% on quiz Reading Log-Keep track of books read and tests taken. Books can be from school library, public library, or home. Get approved by Mrs. B or Mrs. Temples.

  10. Science Curriculum • Rocks and Minerals • Weathering and Erosion • Inside the Earth • Water in the Earth’s Processes • Climate and Weather • Universe and the Solar System • Earth, Sun, and Moon

  11. Social Studies • Map Skills • Europe • Latin America • Canada • Australia and Oceania • Seventh Grade Preview

  12. Notebooks • Students will be expected to keep a notebook for each unit of study. • Table of Contents –list on website • Notebooks collected throughout the year • DO NOT THROW ANY PAPERS AWAY . • Weekly DOG’s can be recycled after the DOG quizzes. • As for the other papers they should keep files at home and store these papers for review and possibility of mid-term exams/benchmarks/and finals.

  13. BYLD – Bring Your Learning Device and Technology • Must sign BYLD contract • Sign In/Out each day • Device labeled with name • Only BYLD Network • Device in plastic bag/Off • Teacher reserves right revoke BLYD privilege. Other programs used: USA Test Prep, Edmodo, Online Assessment System (OAS), Sheppard Software, Online Essay Scorer

  14. ASP: After School Activities • Please make sure your child has the blue envelope filled out to give to their teacher each day/week. • Very important your child knows his/her transportation each day.

  15. Late Work • Late work will be accepted for a reduced grade (10 points each day late) for 5 days. A NHI will be recorded if the work is not turned in by the end of 5 days. • If a student does not write their name on their paper, credit cannot be given.

  16. Make up work /misc. • If your child is absent, it is their responsibility to check with their teachers to make up any missed assignments. We cannot collect work to send home unless the student is absent three days per CCSD policy. • Items left at home/car….Please do not bring any forgotten items to the office for delivery to your student. If they do not have what they need when the day begins, they are not prepared.

  17. Important Class work/Homework • Teacher Websites- • http://www.cherokee.k12.ga.us/Schools/hickoryflat-es/grades/Grades/6th%20Grade.aspx • Daily Morning Work are as followed • DOG (Daily Oral Geography) • DMM (Daily Mental Math) • DOL (Daily Oral Language) • These need to be completed either during homeroom time or at home. We check these daily in that particular subject. • There is a quiz every Friday with the exception of DOG’s which is every other Friday. • Unfinished class work becomes homework if not finished during that class period. So, we expect it to be complete before they come to class the next day. • Also, if you haven’t received any of our online newsletters this year. Please send us an email so we can add you to the contact list.

  18. Georgia Milestones assessmentaka GCRCT *This is a new assessment. Therefore, it is not possible to directly compare the scores on the new test with your student’s scores from previous years. The new assessments measure deeper knowledge, and skills deemed particularly important for students’ futures including problem solving, writing, and critical thinking. Because the standards are more rigorous, student achievement scores may initially be lower. For more info see www.pta.org

  19. Thank you for coming tonight!

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