writing that inspires miss skoro s english class sep 25 2012 n.
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Living Life like a Writer PowerPoint Presentation
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Living Life like a Writer

Living Life like a Writer

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Living Life like a Writer

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  1. Writing that Inspires Miss Skoro's English class Sep 25, 2012 Living Life like a Writer

  2. Living Life like a Writer In your group, take 2 minutes to brainstorm ideas to answer the following question: How is a writer's notebook like a scrapbook?

  3. Living Life like a Writer “The notebook can work as a scrapbook to collect important relics from your life. But you can also use your notebook as a different sort of scrapbook, a place to gather writing that inspires you. Often you read something that leaves you shaking your head in admiration. When that happens, stop and take note. Either copy it into your notebook or clip and tape it in.

  4. Living Life like a Writer Acres of sunflowers brighten the land in the summer, their heads alert, expectant. By fall they droop like sad children, waiting patiently for the first snow and harvest. Kathleen Norris, Dakota: A Spiritual Geography . . .Collecting writing like this is not just an idle hobby of mine – I need these words the way a lion needs meat. I go back to reread them over and over again. Writing like this keeps me going when I start to falter. My trust inspiration comes from the poems and paragraphs of people practicing the writing craft . . .

  5. Living Life like a Writer . . . That's why I collect memorable writing, and why I wan tto encourage you to sprinkle sparkling writing throughout your own notebook. Writing like this will help raise the quality of what you write. It's important for me to have this writing gathered together in one place. What kind of writing do I collect in my notebook? I look for writing I admire, writing that haunts, dazzles, or surprises me. I gather all sorts of stuff – sentences and paragraphs, poetry/fiction/nonfiction, work both published and unpublished, writing by adults as well as by children.” (Fletcher, 107-109)

  6. Living Life like a Writer A poem by Ralph Fletcher's son written when he was in the 2nd grade: The Moon The moon is a jewel Racing through the night With bare branches Like bony fingers Trying to grab it. Why not? Why not?

  7. Living Life like a Writer Even picture books can provide really sparkling writing! Examples of lines from picture books that really sparkle: From the book When Relatives Come by Cynthia Rylant: You'd have to go through at least four different hugs to get from the kitchen to the front room. Those relatives! It was different going to sleep with all that new breathing in the house!

  8. Living Life Like a Writer “You can also keep proverbs and sayings in your writer's notebook. The reason for collecting these sorts of sayings are purely selfish. Writing can be hard. You will want these words of encouragement nearby to help you through those days when the writing isn't going well.” (Fletcher 112-113) Examples: The secret wish of poetry is to stop time. Charles Simic The first draft is the down draft. You just get it down. The second draft is the up draft – you fix it up. The third draft is the dental draft, where you check every tooth to see if it's loose or cramped or decayed or . . . healthy. Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird

  9. Living Life like a Writer “You may want to try something that many writers do – imitating the style of a piece you admire. This is called 'writing off the text.'” (Fletcher, 114-115)

  10. Living Life like a Writer Try it: “Start gathering the writing you admire. You might have a special section in your writer's notebook for “greatest hits”. Or you can do as I [Fletcher] do and spread them out throughout your notebook. . . Use this writing to grow into the kind of writer you want to be.” (Fletcher, 119)