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Benefits Administration PowerPoint Presentation
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Benefits Administration

Benefits Administration

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Benefits Administration

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  1. Benefits Administration

  2. Course Objectives At the end of this course, participants will be able to: • Understand the benefits enrollment and participation policies and transactions in SAP • Understand termination of participation and COBRA policies and transactions in SAP • Run needed reports

  3. Agenda

  4. Introduction to Benefits Administration

  5. Lesson Objectives At the end of this lesson, participants will be able to: • Describe the role of the Benefits Administrator in SAP • Name 3 common Infotypes used in Benefits Administration and explain what they are used for • Display employee benefits plans

  6. Introduction to Benefits Administration • Employee Benefits are processed through the Benefits Administration module in SAP. • Benefits Administration contains all the processes required to offer and enroll an employee into benefit plans such as: • Medical, Dental, and Vision Plans • Medical Care and Dependent Care Spending Accounts • Life (enhanced and core), Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D), and Disability • Florida Retirement System (FRS) • Tax Sheltered Annuities (403B) • Employees renew their benefits annually, through Employee Self-Service, during the Open Enrollment period.

  7. Key Terminology

  8. Benefits Data and Infotypes • Infotypes are groups of personal data that is categorized based on content. • Each infotype contains different pieces of employee data. Infotype 167 Health Plans Name Personnel Number Plan Type Option Coverage Name Personnel Number Coverage Plan Type Option

  9. Common Employee Benefits Infotypes

  10. PA20: Displaying Benefits Data • Transaction PA20 allows for viewing of employee data. • When viewing employee records through this transaction, other users may also view the same employee record. • Changes to employee data cannot be made using this transaction. • All benefits related infotypes may be viewed using this transaction, security permitting.

  11. PA20: Display HR Master Data 6 1 2 3 4 5

  12. Infotype 0171: General Benefits Data 1 2 3

  13. Infotype 0167: Health Plans 1 3 2

  14. Infotype 0168: Insurance Plans 1 3 2

  15. Infotype 0169: Savings Plans 1 3 2

  16. Infotype 0170: Flexible Spending Accounts 1 3 2

  17. Knowledge Check Transaction PA20 allows for: • Delimiting employee information • Displaying employee information • Viewing employee benefit information • All of the above

  18. Questions?

  19. Agenda

  20. Benefits Enrollment and Participation

  21. Lesson Objectives At the end of this lesson, participants will be able to: • Describe the SBBC benefits enrollment process. • Enroll an employee in a benefits plan. • Make changes to an employee’s participation in a benefits plan.

  22. Benefits Enrollment Process

  23. Enrollment Prerequisites Key Improvements in Benefits • Before an employee can enroll in a benefits plan, they must have a General Benefits Data (Infotype 0171) established in SAP. • All dependents enrolled in a health plan must have a Family Member/Dependent (Infotype 0021) record in SAP. • Employees input their own life insurance beneficiaries in SAP through ESS.

  24. Benefit Enrollment • Employees may be enrolled in benefits plans in the following ways: • New Hire offer • Open Enrollment offer through ESS

  25. Benefits Enrollment: New Hire • All employees new to SBBC will have a “New Hire offer” plan available for 30 days from their date of hire. • Benefit Dept will enroll employees based on what they select on their forms. • The current process has not changed. See appendix from current manual. • Employees are enrolled through PA40 • In the future employees may have more options to enroll themselves online.

  26. Benefits Enrollment: Automatic Offer Automatic Plans • Core life insurance & disability insurance are plans paid by SBBC with no cost to the employee. • Do not require employee selection. • All SBBC employees are enrolled in Automatic Plans; however an employee may choose to increase coverage in these plans.

  27. Benefit Enrollment: Open Enrollment • During the “open enrollment” period employees select benefit plans for the upcoming year through ESS. • Employees who changed their health plan during open enrollment will not begin with their new health plan until their old plan has expired. Health plans effective dates are usually Jan. 1 – Dec. 31.

  28. Change Notification to Vendors • All changes to benefits selections, including new hires and open enrollment must be communicated to benefits provider. • Active enrollments will be communicated to the Benefits Provider on a monthly basis via interface/report.

  29. New Hire/Rehire Enrollment Process

  30. HRBEN0001: Enrollment 1 5 4

  31. HRBEN0015: Print Confirmation Form (continued) 1 2

  32. PA30: Maintain Benefits Data • Once an employee is participating in a benefit plan, PA30 gives you access to infotypes where employee data can be changed. • When accessing an employee record, this record is locked from all other users preventing them from viewing or changing the record. • Any personal information changed on one infotype will automatically be updated in all other applicable infotypes. • Some employee information can only be delimited, not deleted.

  33. PA30: Maintain HR Master Data 6 1 2 4 3 5

  34. Infotype 0378: Adjustment Reasons 1

  35. Infotype 0021: Family Member/Dependents 1 2

  36. Infotype 0236: Credit Plans

  37. PA40: Benefits Follow-Up Personnel Action

  38. Knowledge Check Which of the following ways can an employee be enrolled in a benefits plan: • Automatically • Open enrollment • Default • All of the above

  39. Knowledge Check To enroll an employee in a benefits plan, the employee must first have a General Benefits record, Infotype 0171, established in SAP. • True • False

  40. Knowledge Check Use PA30 to: • Change employee data • View employee data • Delimit employee data • All of the above

  41. Questions?

  42. Agenda

  43. Termination of Participation and COBRA

  44. Lesson Objectives At the end of this lesson, participants will be able to: • Terminate an employee’s benefits plan. • Initiate the COBRA process.

  45. Benefit Terminations and COBRA Process

  46. Termination of Participation • Upon termination of employment with SBBC, benefits plans must be terminated in accordance with the plans’ provisions. • COBRA benefits coverage must be offered to employee.

  47. COBRA Benefits • The COBRA Process: • SAP event collection process is run to generate a list of COBRA eligible employees and dependents • Notification letter is generated for eligible individuals which specifies premium costs and length of coverage • Individual’s group health plan coverage is delimited according to plan termination rules • Employee or dependent contacts insurance company directly to enroll in COBRA coverage and monthly payments are made directly to the insurance company.

  48. HRBEN0014: Termination of Participation 2 1

  49. HRBENUSCOB01: Collection of Qualifying COBRA Events

  50. HRBENUSCOB02: COBRA Letter Generation