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  2. Food Traditional crafts Jewellery and accessories

  3. “Carajitos” “Suspiros del Nalón” “Casadielles” “Marañueles” Black pudding pâté Cabracho pâté Wild boar pâté Urchin pâté Cabrales cheese Afuega´l pitu white or red cheese La Peral cheese Index

  4. Bag to keep what ever you want Shoe to put on it pencils Rings Index

  5. Personalized bookmarks Collection of necklaces and earrings Keyrings Index

  6. “CASADIELLES” “CARAJITOS” Box of 6 units: 5€ Box of 6 units: 6€ The most tipical Asturian dessert. “Casadielles” are madre with a pastry of flour, water and butter filling with hazelnut, walnut, anisette and sugar. You must taste them! They will surprise you! Tipical handmade cookies from Asturias elaborated with hazelnut, eggs, honey and sugar. Índex

  7. “MARAÑUELAS” “SUSPIROS” Box of 600g: 5€ Half a dozen: 5€ Tipical product of Luanco (a village in Asturias). “Marañuelas” are made with flour, sugar, eggs, butter and lemon. “Suspiros” are delicious handmade cookies. They are made with eggs and butter. Índex

  8. BLACK PUDDING PÂTÉ WILD BOAR PÂTÉ Can of 100g: 3.50€ Can of 100g: 3.50€ Black pudding pâté is very popular because it taste different. It is elaborated craftly with the best ingredients you will find. Excellent pâté made with wild boar´s meat. Índex

  9. CABRACHO PÂTÉ URCHIN PÂTÉ Can of 100g: 5€ Can of 100g: 3.50€ Delicious pâté of cantabric´s urchin. It is elaborated craftily. Delicious pâté from Asturias, elaborated craftly Índex

  10. ASTURIAN CHEESE “AFUEGA´L PITU” RED CHEESE “AFUEGA´L PITU” WHITE CHEESE Price: 6 € (300g) Price: 6€ (300g) Cheese with a little rind and hot taste because it include spices. Cheese with a little rind, good taste. Índex

  11. ASTURIAN CHEESE “LA PERAL-SEMI AZUL” CHEESE (SMALL) “CABRALES” CHEESE (SMALL) Price: 10€ (500g) Price: 8.50€ (450g) Tipical Asturian cheese, very popular in the North of Spain. It has a strong taste. It´s not a hard cheese, white color and it taste delicious. Índex

  12. It´s made craftly with leather. On it you can put pencils, pens, and anything you want. Price: 10 € Index

  13. Price: 4€ each You can choose different colours. They are made craftly with different sizes of trinkets. Only one size. Index

  14. Price: 7€ It´s made craftly and you can keep on it anything you want. This bag is very useful. Index

  15. Price: 8€ Personalized bookmarks with different forms. Index

  16. Price: 14€ Collection of necklaces and earrings made with “fimo” and stones. There are different models. Index

  17. Personalized key rings with different figures. Price: 6€ Index

  18. All the products include the I.V.A. but not the transport´s price.