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Tourist attractions Brazil PowerPoint Presentation
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Tourist attractions Brazil

Tourist attractions Brazil

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Tourist attractions Brazil

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  1. Top Tourist Attractions in Brazil Tripdo+1 (213) 262-0373

  2. Tourist Attractions Brazil • Tourist Attractions Brazil is both tropical paradise and an exciting cultural destination to visit. To discover the best places to visit Brazil, book sightseeing and attraction tickets for Carnival Parade, Samba soul, and CristoRedentor at Tripdo.

  3. Brazil Top Attractions

  4. Top Tourist Attractions in Brazil • Brazil is one of the biggest countries in the world and also known for its beautiful beaches. In Brazil, there are more than 1500 beaches and also more than 500 picturesque islands. In addition to these, Rio Carnival is hugely popular and the Christ the Redeemer on the Corcovado Mountain also attracts tourists all around the world.

  5. Rio Carnival (BuyRio Carnival Parade tickets) • This is the main festivity in Brazil which is also known as the “The greatest show on Earth”. This Rio Carnival starts on Friday until Tuesday or just a day shy of Ash Wednesday, a significant catholic tradition that marks the start of Lent. • The top Samba schools get the honor of performing and the panel of around 40 judges watches every nuance of movement and appraises the thread of each costume. The exoticism and sensuality of Samba dancers get more enhanced by the flashy costumes. If you want to learn about the history of Samba and Carnival Parade then TripdoSamba soul touris a great chance for you.

  6. Christ the Redeemer • Christ the Redeemer is a majestic statue and considered one of the seven wonders of the modern world. This famous monument represents the faith and compassion of “Cariocas”. If you visit Rio de Janeiro then this is a must-see place, and one of the mainRio de Janeiro attractions. • You need to buyCristoRedentor ticketsto enjoy at 2,300 feet (700 meters) above the city. Here, you will enjoy astonishing views of the wonderful Rio city, including the Guanabara Bay, the Botafogo Coast, Pao De Acucar, and many more.

  7. The beaches • Brazil has a mostly sandy coastline with large numbers of coves, pools, and small Islands. The Copacabana beach, Praia Do Espelho, and Ipanema beach are the main beaches of Brazil, and also are the holidaymaker’s heaven.

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