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Worth County High School Work-Based Learning/Youth Apprenticeship PowerPoint Presentation
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Worth County High School Work-Based Learning/Youth Apprenticeship

Worth County High School Work-Based Learning/Youth Apprenticeship

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Worth County High School Work-Based Learning/Youth Apprenticeship

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  1. Worth County High SchoolWork-Based Learning/Youth Apprenticeship Parent Orientation 2014-2015

  2. Agenda • Welcome • Program Overview • Program Requirements • Attendance Requirements • Student Evaluation • Required Documentation • Participation Schedule • Contact Information

  3. 2014-2015 Personnel • WCHS WBL/YAP Personnel: • Ms. Tina Pate, Coordinator • Ms. Elizabeth Brand, CTAE Director • Ms. Faye Land, CTAE Secretary

  4. Program Overview • Extension of classroom instruction • Helps prepare students with academic and job skills necessary to be successful in their chosen career • Acclimates students to general and specific workplace knowledge and competencies • Strengthens relationships between positive adult role models and young people • Competitive Edge – Exposure to career experience which may give participants the edge over other applicants.

  5. Student Career Goal The Three Interlocking Components of Work-Based Learning. Structured Work Experience Related Coursework

  6. Program Requirements • Student must have taken and passed at least one course within the CTAE pathway relating to work site assignment. • Student must be at least 16 years of age, junior or senior status, and on track for graduation. • Student must be in good standings in regards to discipline and attendance. • Student must complete an application with teacher recommendations. • Student must have reliable transportation to and from work site.

  7. Benefits of WBL to Students • Explore possible careers, enhance skill development, and apply academic proficiencies • Develop employability skills including positive work habits and attitudes • Make connections among school, post-secondary opportunities, and employers • Improve job prospects after graduation • Learn from skilled professionals • Earn elective credit upon completion of required documented hours and class assignments

  8. Attendance Requirements • Students are required to report to work site daily. Parents, please help to check on attendance. If a student must be absent, he/she must contact the work site and the school coordinator (prior to the report time). • If student is absent from school, he/she is NOT allowed to go to work. • If student is assigned ISS, he/she will NOT be allowed to go to work until time is served. Student will NOT be allowed to leave school during release period(s) – they must stay all day. • If student is assigned OSS, he/she will be terminated from the program.

  9. Attendance Requirements, con’t. • Students are expected to adhere to the assigned times designated for attendance in order to receive the Carnegie unit. • Students must turn in their monthly time sheets and monthly assignments. Employer Evaluations are due each nine weeks. Notebooks will be graded each nine weeks. • Students must FOB in/out daily.

  10. Insurance/Transportation • Insurance (health/life/accident) is provided by the parents/guardians. • Transportation is provided by the student/parent/guardian. • Student driver’s must submit a valid driver’s license and current automobile insurance information.

  11. Job Changes/Firing/Laid Off • Not permitted without permission of the coordinator. • Be cautious of your grade! • A student fired will be given a 0 for the employer evaluation and be put on probation and may be removed from the program. • A student “laid off” will be given a 10 day grace period to find employment. • Students not employed at any time should remain at the high school with Ms. Pate…unless completing applications or interviewing.

  12. Student Evaluation • Students’ performance will be evaluated by the WBL coordinator and work site supervisor. • Grades are determined by the following: • Class assignments, attendance, adherence to rules, returning required documentation, etc. • Work site supervisor’s employability skills evaluation and job assessment evaluation from training plan • Progress on WBL Notebook

  13. Required Documentation • Application • Work Permit • Documentation Forms/Student WBL Handbook • Educational Training Agreement • Educational Training Plan (Curriculum which will be determined by the student, parent, employer, teacher facilitator, and coordinator) • Early Release Understanding • Portfolio (Student must supply a 1 inch professional view binder with at least 7 dividers). • Time sheets • If paid, wage statements • Employer Evaluations (Employability Skills and Job Assessment)

  14. Participation Schedule • Refer to student schedule to determine when student will be expected to sign in/out school. • All students will be involved in program orientation on campus for the first week of school. • Students will be expected to FOB in/out school daily in the WBL area.

  15. Additional Information • Students must go to work or they are considered skipping. • If a student is assigned ISS, they must stay at school all day. They must also notify their employer and Ms. Pate. • Parents must sign all forms for students that are 18 years of age. They are considered adults in the business world, but the school still need signatures.

  16. Supplies Needed • Each student will create a 1- inch presentation style notebook. • This notebook will be the manual for this course. • You will need 7 dividers • Bring to school Wednesday, July 30, 2014

  17. Thank you, Parents! Together we can safely and effectively piece together the puzzle to produce productive employees, valuable citizens, and responsible adults to the Worth County community.

  18. My Web Page • • Click on the Worth County High School tab located at the top of the page • Under Quick Links (left side of screen), click on Staff Directory, click on Teacher Websites • Find me – Tina Pate • Click on Work-Based Learning • Will find announcements, assignments, handbooks, PowerPoint orientations, etc. • Check every 2-3 days

  19. Coordinators’ Contact Information • Tina Pate • Work-Based Learning/Youth Apprenticeship Program • Office – 229-777-8414 • School – 229-776-8625 • Cell – 229-206-2400 • Email –