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Lap Seal/Side Seal Comparison PowerPoint Presentation
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Lap Seal/Side Seal Comparison

Lap Seal/Side Seal Comparison

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Lap Seal/Side Seal Comparison

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  1. Lap Seal/Side Seal Comparison

  2. Lap Seal • Potentially uses less film • On bakery applications, plows frequently have to be oversized to account for product size or shape variation thus using more film • A positive lap seal is harder to make than a positive side seal • Lap seals are prone to open seals due to crumbs and debris inherent in the bakery environment • Lap seal defects (open seals) are harder to spot • Not all films will work on a lap seal machine • Precise film sizing is critical which means more film sizes in inventory • Changeover between products takes longer • Each SKU requires the investment in a plow

  3. Side Seal • Works with a wider variety of films • More flexible when product size or shape varies- simple adjustment vs plow size change • Easier to monitor seal quality • Easy to visually tell good from bad seal • Can catch bad packages before they go to the customer • Fewer returns or complaints • Impervious to seal contamination from product debris • Fast changeover between products • No parts required for changeover • Fewer film sizes required- lap seals require exact sizes • Uses slightly more film for selvage trim • Seal is on side of package vs the face • Some customers prefer hiding the seal on the package edge vs having it on the face • Graphics or instructions on package back are more easily visible

  4. Texwrap’s Lap Seal • Texwrap lap sealers can be fitted with a variety of lap seal options • Thermal/drag wire • Heated drag block • Static • Coated band seal • Some styles can be combined • Texwrap machines have the ability to relax the film between packages to create more positive end seals • Package cut-off length can be less because our patented servo orbital sealing jaws close vertically • Quick change plows plus easy access to plow for threading • Texwrap plows are less expensive • Can use double-put-up rolls of film because of cradle design vs Doboy spindle design for fewer film changes

  5. Side Seal System • Texwrap’s exclusive TGM2 design • Uses less film • Designed to reduce tension on the film thru the seal area producing stronger seals • Long element allows the system to self- compensate for film speed • Fewer parts • Easy to use and maintain

  6. TGM2 features Easy access Adjustable grip pressure Powered nip rollers Viewing window Improved scrap guide Grip belts hold film to reduce tension