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Global E-cigarette Market 2014-2018 PowerPoint Presentation
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Global E-cigarette Market 2014-2018

Global E-cigarette Market 2014-2018

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Global E-cigarette Market 2014-2018

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  1. Global E-cigarette Market 2014-2018 Published By : Technavio Published Date : Nov 2013No of Pages : 65

  2. Report Overview TechNavio forecasts The Global E-cigarette Market 2014-2018 with a CAGR of 30.56 percent for the period 2013-2018. Several driving factors and trends will contribute to this growth all of which will be outlined with detail in this report. TechNavio’sanalysts use a unique methodology to scrutinize individual vendor performance, trends, drivers and challenges, and a number of other factors to provide the most accurate and detailed market research reports possible.  To Get Details:

  3. Report Overview A more specific breakdown of this report’s contents is below.Overview of market share and landscape for the following key geographies:•Western Europe•North America•Eastern and Central Europe•South America•APAC•ROWOverview of market share and landscape for the following key countries:•US•Germany•Russia

  4. Report Overview Overview and impact analysis of:•4 Market Drivers•4 Market Challenges•4 Market TrendsMarket Shares and SWOT Analysis for these vendors: •Lorillard Inc.•NJOY Inc.•Vapor Corp.

  5. Report Overview Five Force Model Impact Analysis of:•Suppliers•Buyers•Substitutes•New entrants •Market competition Note: All of the segments above are supplemented with a combination of statistical data, graphical analysis, and verbal explanation. After purchasing any of our reports, you can request a one hour meeting to discuss any questions you may have with our team of analysts.

  6. Table Of Content 01. Executive Summary02. List of Abbreviations03. Scope of the Report03.1 Market Overview03.2 Product Offerings04. Market Research Methodology04.1 Market Research Process04.2 Research Methodology05. Introduction06. Market Landscape06.1 Market Size and Forecast06.2 Five Forces Analysis07. Product Life Cycle Analysis 08. Geographical Segmentation08.1 Global E-cigarette Market by Geographical Segmentation 2013-201808.2 E-cigarette Market in North America08.2.1 Market Size and Forecast08.3 E-cigarette Market in Western Europe08.3.1 Market Size and Forecast

  7. Table Of Content 08.4 E-cigarette Market in the APAC Region08.4.1 Market Size and Forecast08.5 E-cigarette Market in Eastern and Central Europe08.5.1 Market Size and Forecast08.6 E-cigarette Market in South America08.6.1 Market Size and Forecast08.7 E-cigarette Market in the ROW08.7.1 Market Size and Forecast09. Key Leading Countries09.1 The US09.1.1 Market Size and Forecast09.2 Germany09.2.1 Market Size and Forecast09.3 Russia09.3.1 Market Size and Forecast 10. Legal Status

  8. Table Of Content 11. Buying Criteria12. Market Growth Drivers13. Drivers and their Impact14. Market Challenges15. Impact of Drivers and Challenges16. Market Trends17. Trends and their Impact18. Vendor Landscape18.1 Competitive Scenario18.2 Industry Association18.2.1 Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association (TVECA)18.2.2 Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SAFTA)18.3 Industry News18.3.1 Key News18.3.2 Mergers and Acquisitions18.4 Market Analysis 201318.4.1 Advertisement Strategy18.4.2 Price Comparison vis-à-vis Average Battery Life18.5 Other Prominent Vendors

  9. Table Of Content 19. Key Vendor Analysis19.1 Lorillard Inc.19.1.1 Business Overview19.1.2 Distribution Strategy19.1.3 Manufacturing Strategy19.1.4 Key Information19.1.5 SWOT Analysis19.2 NJOY Inc.19.2.1 Business Overview19.2.2 Distribution Strategy19.2.3 Manufacturing Strategy19.2.4 Key Information19.2.5 SWOT Analysis19.3 Vapor Corp.19.3.1 Business Overview19.3.2 Distribution Strategy19.3.3 Manufacturing Strategy19.3.4 Key Information19.3.5 SWOT Analysis

  10. Table Of Content 20. Other Prominent Vendors20.1 Altria Group Inc.20.2 British American Tobacco plc20.3 FIN Branding Group LLC20.4 Green Smoke Inc.20.5 Imperial Tobacco Group plc20.6 Logic Technology20.7 Reynolds American Inc.20.8 VMR Products LLC21. Other Reports in this Series

  11. Contact Us Report Overview Sona Padman 5933 NE Win Sivers Drive,#205, Portland, OR 97220,United States.Direct:    +1 (617) 674-4143Toll Free:    +1 (855) 711-1555Fax:    +1 (855) 550-5975 Email: Web:  7.7 DSM     7.7.1 Company Overview     7.7.2 Company Snapshot     7.7.3 Business performance     7.7.4 Strategic moves and developments     7.7.5 Swot analysis of DSM  7.8 Novus International, Inc.     7.8.1 Company Overview     7.8.2 Company Snapshot     7.8.3 Strategic moves and developments Principal Strategies: Product Launch Other Strategies     7.8.4 Swot analysis of Novus International  7.9 Nutreco N.V     7.9.1 Company Overview     7.9.2 Company Snapshot     7.9.3 Business performance