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Introduction to General Paper PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to General Paper

Introduction to General Paper

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Introduction to General Paper

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  1. Introduction to General Paper Syllabus 8807

  2. Free Template from

  3. Deep insight and reflection WHERE HAS ALL OUR EMPATHY GONE? (from The Straits Times: 25th Jan 2014) Anton Casey might have been rather “atas” (Malay colloqual term referring to someone one who Is arrogant), but should his home address have been revealed to an angry mob? Free Template from

  4. Did Singaporeans over-react?

  5. “I think of it often and imagine the scene clearly. Even if they come to kill me, I will tell them what they are trying to do is wrong, that education is our basic right.” MalalaYousafzai Free Template from

  6. Right to privacy • Edward Snowden: the whistleblower behind revelations of NSA surveillance • Do they serve national interest? • But the NSA targets the communications of everyone, collects, filters and analyses everything, stores information for a period of time; collecting information in the name of addressing potential terrorists Free Template from

  7. Right to privacy • "I am making it known that I ended my communal life with Valerie Trierweiler," Hollande said, adding that he was speaking personally and not as the head of state because the matter concerned "his private life."   Should the private lives of public figures be any of our concern? Free Template from

  8. institutionalised sexism • low status of women • India: urgent need to promote and protect the safety of women and girls in India. • Every girl and woman should be able to live safely and free of violence. Is gender equality truly achievable? Free Template from

  9. • • • Free Template from

  10. What is General Paper? • aims to develop in students the ability to think critically, to construct cogent arguments • and to communicate their ideas using clear, accurate and effective language • encourages students to explore a range of key issues of global and local significance and provides students with a good foundation to thrive in a fast-changing world Free Template from

  11. What is General Paper? • Maturity Challenge your stereotypes Accept alternative opinions • Insight (to see beyond the obvious) • Make Connections, create new knowledge • Formulate informed opinions • Effective communication Are you able to convince the reader?

  12. Misconceptions of what GP is • It is the same as ‘O’ Level English/ • It is impossible to study for GP • GP is less important than the other subjects because it is a H1 subject • I can study last minute for it • I need to memorise a lot of facts

  13. Computation of University Admission Score »

  14. ASSESSMENT OBJECTIVES AND SKILLS (…content) At the end of the course, students should demonstrate: • A broad and mature understanding of a range of subject matter from the • Humanities • Culture and the arts • Science and technology • Current affairs, social, political and economic issues of global significance • and issues of significance to Singapore. Free Template from

  15. ASSESSMENT OBJECTIVES AND SKILLS (…skills) • demonstrate knowledge and understandingof diverse topic areas • analyse and evaluate issues across disciplines, showing awareness of their significance and implications for the individual and society • express understanding as well as critical and creative thinking through informed personal responses • formulate cogent arguments. Free Template from

  16. Formulation of General Paper • Paper 1- Essay: 50 marks • Paper 2 – Comprehension: 50 marks Free Template from

  17. SCHEME OF ASSESSMENT – paper 1 Free Template from

  18. SCHEME OF ASSESSMENT – paper 2 Free Template from

  19. Paper 1 - Specifications • 12 questions, choose 1 • 500–800 words • Breakdown of marks:  Content: 30  Use of English: 20 • Total mark: 50 • 1 hour 30 minutes Free Template from

  20. Sample of Paper 1 questions • Should the rights of the individual be placed before the needs of the state? • Have schools become a dangerous place for our youth? • Is gender equality always desirable? • History is nothing but a well-written fiction. Do you agree? • Has information and communication technology truly kept us connected? • ‘In sports, winning is the only thing that matters.’ What is your view? Free Template from

  21. 2. Have schools become a dangerous place for our youth? • …GUNS • DEBATE… • BULLIES… • SECURITY ISSUES… PROTECTING OUR YOUNG Free Template from

  22. Sample of Paper 1 questions 6. Ageing well is more enviable than youth. What is your view? 7. Do you agree that caring for the environment is a luxury developing countries cannot afford? 8. The media reinforce gender inequalities rather than redress them. Discuss. 9. Is the availability of choices in life more a blessing or a curse?  10. "The help we give to the poor is often no help at all." To what extent do you agree with this? Free Template from

  23. Sample of Paper 1 questions 11. A world without strangers. Has modern travel achieved this? 12. Assess the value of the arts to a developed country. Free Template from

  24. Sample of Paper 1 questions 1. Does globalisation lead to equality? 2. To what extent can women be considered liberated today? 3. The family should remain the main source of support for the elderly. Do you agree? 4. Discuss the view that the Singapore education system is becoming outdated. 5. Is religion relevant to the young today? 6. Can investments in military power be justified? 7. ‘Freedom of the media is desirable.’ Discuss. 8. ‘Anger is a useful emotion.’ Comment. 9. Commercialisation erodes the value of sports. To what extent do you agree? 10. Social networking sites are appealing but serve no real purpose. Discuss. 11. Discuss the view that music only serves to entertain. 12. ‘Technology today guarantees a better tomorrow.’ To what extent is this a valid assessment of technological developments today? Free Template from

  25. Study by topics, or issues? Free Template from

  26. Study by topics, or issues? • Questions will not necessarily be set on every topic area • They will be general in nature and require candidates to draw on their knowledge from across disciplines • to show an awareness of the implications of significant global/national/ local/individual phenomena, trends, problems Free Template from

  27. Examination of CONTENTIOUS ISSUES Freedom of the media at the expense of national harmony Role of religion in an increasingly secular world The struggle between commercialisation of sports and maintainingsports professionalism Relevance of tradition in the face of modernity State intervention in matters of individual choice Too much importance is placed on achieving equality between men and women Free Template from

  28. Examination of contentious issues Free Template from

  29. Examining multiple perspectives • Financial Times: (“Riot tarnishes Singapore’s image as place of ethnic harmony“) reported about how the riot tarnished Singapore’s image and connected the incident to another event that occurred on the same day – the PAP party conference. FT noted how PAP “has for months been appealing for greater social harmony in the wake of rising unease among Singaporeans over a recent influx of foreign workers, many of them immigrants from South Asia”. Free Template from

  30. Paper 2 - Specifications • Text comprises one or two passages. • The length of text(s) will be about 1200 words in total. • Questions will be set on one passage or on two different passages that allow for comparative analysis. Free Template from

  31. Paper 2 - Specifications Types of Questions • Literal and inferential questions (15–17 marks) • Summary (8–10 marks) • Application (10 marks) Free Template from

  32. Paper 2 Specifications • Content: 35 marks • Use of English: 15 marks • (A separate but holistic score based on the entire script.) • Total mark: 50 marks • 1 hour 30 minutes Free Template from

  33. Sample questions From paragraph 1   “…a part of me knows that I’m in Japan.” (line 7) How does the writer know this? Use your own words as far as possible. From paragraph 2 In the phrase “a floating café of a whole new global order” (lines 18 – 19), what does “floating” imply? Use your own words as far as possible. From paragraph 1 • Why does the writer put quotation marks round “exotic” (line 8)?

  34. The Summary Question (Change) • Using material from paragraphs 1 – 4 (lines 1 – 37), summarize what the writer has to say about the changes in Italian society with regard to food and lifestyle. • Write your summary in no more than 130 words. Use your own words as far as possible. Free Template from

  35. The Application Question • Identifying arguments Select key arguments from the text 2. Understanding and evaluating arguments Clarify and his/her arguments and see if they are valid. Express your understanding of the text and 3. Apply it in a given context, usually your society It requires you to think about what you have read and offer your opinions on the topic. Free Template from

  36. 3 steps to the Application Question • Select an argument • Evaluate the argument • Apply in context (depending on the question)

  37. Free Template from

  38. Free Template from

  39. Thinking critically How critical a thinker are you? Free Template from

  40. Key points from the clip Search for sound consistent logic • Healthy scepticism Not memory work • Willingness to deal with uncertainty Evaluating information in a disciplined way Understand, examine reasoning Avoid emotions and social pressure • Identify and reject ideas false ideas and ideo Avoid making rash conclusions • Argue with reason Refinethought& reasoning process • Think and assess information in a more comprehensive way, • consider possible flaws and biases

  41. Sources of reading • Reading and Skills packages • Fact File • Weekly newspaper readings • The Straits Times • TIME, the Economist Free Template from

  42. Take Charge of your Readings, Lectures and Tutorials • Pay attention during lectures and tutorials • Review your notes and previous reading assignment. • Identify areas that are difficult to understand and clarify with your tutor • Respect your own ideas and those of others. • Engage in discussions and challenge assumptions and views • Develop questions that will help you clarify challenging aspects of the material.

  43. Take Charge of your Lectures • Highlight key learning points/definitions as you follow the lecture or tutorial • Capture key ideas and listen actively to add value to the points already presented on the slides • Connect key ideas between topics, issues, to what you already know Free Template from

  44. Free Template from

  45. Lectures and Tutorials Lectures: • Terms 1 and 2: • Weekly Lectures (1 hour per week) • Tutorials: 2 hours per week • Term 3: • 2 Lectures • Tutorials: 1 X 1.5 hours Free Template from

  46. Milestone Assessments in J1 • MSA – P1 : essay writing skills 5% • Term 2 Week 2-4 • Continuous Assignments 10% Common Test (P1 and P2) 20% • Term 2 Week 10 • Final Examinations 65% • Term 4 Week 2 Total (Promotional Exam Score 100%

  47. Next Lecture Next Monday (17th Feb): Reading: GLOBAL TRENDS 2030 Come for the lecture having read the article! Free Template from

  48. Free Template from