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Doing Dharma 2: Rama and Sita PowerPoint Presentation
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Doing Dharma 2: Rama and Sita

Doing Dharma 2: Rama and Sita

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Doing Dharma 2: Rama and Sita

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  1. Doing Dharma 2:Rama and Sita • To identify how Rama and Sita are examples of doing dharma • To evaluate if they were correct in following their dharma • To recognise how Hindus celebrate this story during Diwali • What should be the duty of.. • A prince ? • a princes’ wife ? • A faithful servant ?

  2. Read the story. 1. When did • Rama follow his duty, as son and king? Circle 4 examples • Sita follow her duty, as ideal woman and wife? Underline 3 examples • Hanuman do his duty as a faithful servant? Star2 examples • EITHER DO THIS QUESTION: • Using an example from the exercise above, for each of Rama, Sita and Hanuman, • draw a cartoon of that scene. Caption/ subtitle it. Speech bubble to show the dharma they are going to do • Do a flow chart showing what the step mother’s ambition for her son resulted in causing. • OR DO THIS QUESTION: • What started off all the disorder (a-dharma) ? • Do a flow chart showing what the step mother’s ambition for her son resulted in. • 3. The a-dharma could only be sorted by Rama, Sita and Hanuman doing theirdharma. Did they succeed in bringing order back into the universe ? At what cost ?

  3. Cost of doing your dharma How far would you go in doing your duty, for the sake of good order ? • Giving up an important opportunity because your parents asked you to? (like Rama) • Accepting injustice without complaining? (like Rama) • Walking extra distance to keep someone company ? (like Sita stayed with Rama) • if doing it caused you some embarrassment? (like Hanuman and the mountain) • Giving up something or someone you love because it has a bad effect ? (like Rama gave up Sita)

  4. Diwali Write “Diwali” and draw an oil candle in the middle of your page. Around it answer the following: 1. What story does Diwali celebrate? 2. What truth does this story represent ? 3. How is Diwali celebrated (orange box)? • The festival celebrates Rama's return from fourteen years of exile after the defeat of Ravana and his coronation as the rightful king. • It represents the victory of dharma over a-dharma: order over chaos, light over darkness, good over evil. Lots of lights and lamps are lit: some are set adrift on rivers and streams. Fireworks are set off, and lamps line the roofs of houses and temples. People visit each other, exchange gifts, clean and decorate houses, feast, and wear new clothes.

  5. Is Diwali a festival everyone could celebrate?