methods to survive a boarding school with flying n.
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Methods To Survive A Boarding School With Flying Colours PowerPoint Presentation
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Methods To Survive A Boarding School With Flying Colours

Methods To Survive A Boarding School With Flying Colours

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Methods To Survive A Boarding School With Flying Colours

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  1. Methods To Survive A Boarding School With Flying Colours The name 'boarding school' conjures up some scary thoughts in mind pertaining to hectic schedule, heavy loads of homework and all work no play. But in reality, boarding schools are fun if adjust the perspective, but there is no denying that it does pose some challenges as compared to the day schools. Best day boarding schools in Delhi have the capacity to teach the skills to the students that prepares them for life after college but what about the boarding school itself. Here is a guide to help students survive boarding school but it’s more like a guide to how to make the best of it: •The first advice for students attending boarding school is to lock your personal belongings. Consider this a fun part of living in hostel or worst but pranksters don’t leave a chance of having fun so if you forgot to put your toothpaste back to the locker then expect it to be in your hair next morning but it’s fun you are the doing. •Socialising with seniors as they are more experienced and they can help you with everything whether its school or personal issue but only if you are on good terms with them. Don’t be afraid of raging as it is just a means to break the ice for freshers. •Every boarding school has strict rules to be followed by the students and they are for the better of them. So, at all times comply with rules because failure to it may attract severe corporal punishments which you definitely want to avoid. •Partake in Extracurricular activities because skills learned at school go a long way into helping you to shape your future. Good communication or debating skills developed at school can give you an extra edge in business or journalism disciplines for instance. •Choose friends wisely, this is a general advice cum warning because bad friends can easily destroy your life.

  2. •Day Boarding in Delhi have some high-level competitions that can put you on the map if you succeed in them. So, take advantage of international competitions to improve your CV because job market is the most competitive and will always be so it’s a good strategy to start building credentials at an early point. •And last but not least remember all work and no play can make jack a dull boy. So, don’t forget to have fun but try nothing ultimate and enjoy life. The Shri Ram School - Vasant Vihar Address: - D-3 Streets, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi– 110057 Telephone: - 26140884, 26149572 Telefax: - 26145788 Email: Website: