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Integrated Planning System PowerPoint Presentation
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Integrated Planning System

Integrated Planning System

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Integrated Planning System

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  1. REPUBLIC OF ALBANIA Council of Ministers Department of Strategy and Donor Coordination Integrated Planning System Government -Donor Round table November 14th ,2008 DSDC

  2. Outline Implementation of the Integrated Planning System (IPS) NSDI implementation progress DSDC activities and next steps Progress on donor coordination DSDC: donor coordination activities and next steps Paris Declaration: brief introduction Results from 2008 DAC survey To Accra and beyond: opportunities and responsibilities

  3. All core IPS components are operational INTEGRATED PLANNING SYSTEM External assistance Gov. program NSDI Public Investment Management European Integration MTBP

  4. IPS implementation progress: Preparation of the Ministry Integrated Plans 2008- January 2008 Approval of Macroeconomic framework 2009-2011-January 2008 Approval of IPS calendar (DSDC, MEI, MoF)-January 2008 Preparation of the document on Policy Priority Note – February 2008 Approval of the MTBP 2009-2011 – October 2008 14 Strategic Planning Committee organized during the period June 2007-November 2008

  5. NSDI implementation progress: • March 2008, NSDI approval • 23 sector and crosscutting strategies are approved with CoM decision • 2 are in the process of being approved • 12 in the preparation process • Finalization of NSDI Progress Report 2006-2007- November 2008

  6. NSDI implementation progress:…next activities Revision of MDG-s process starting in November 2008 Creating mechanisms for long term monitoring process with all stakeholders Improving High Level Indicators Revitalization of Advisory Groups for monitoring the sector/crosscutting strategies Enforcing capacities of LM-s for monitoring the strategies Establishing IPSIS

  7. DSDC: donor coordination activities External Assistance Orientation Document 2008- April 2008 DAC survey 2008 Donor database analyses PIU analyses Revitalization of Sector Working groups in 2008 8 SWG organized on: Environment, Gender, Water, Regional development, Decentralization, Justice and Home Affaires (3). 5 SWG planned on: VET, Agriculture and Rural development, Environment, Regional development, Statistics.

  8. …next activities External Assistance progress report 2008 Establishment of EAMIS Increasing capacities of LM for external assistance Enhancing SWG role and ownership of the GoA Hosting and organizing the Regional Donor Conference- first half of 2009

  9. Paris Declaration Albania Baseline DAC survey in 2006 Related to 2005 data on aid effectiveness Albania second DAC survey in 2008 Related to 2007 data on aid effectiveness

  10. Timeline: To Accra and beyond Targets Acraa HLF-III HLF-IV Second survey Paris HLF-II Baseline survey 2006 2008 2010

  11. 2008 DAC survey Progress has been made in three dimensions: Ownership Alignment, and Harmonisation 2010 targetshave been met for only two indicators: Indicator 4 on coordinated technical cooperation; Indicator 8 on untying aid For the remaining indicators: Progress has been made against some indicators, Significant gaps need to be filled to meet 2010 targets for others.

  12. Albania results: DAC survey 2008 DAC SURVEY 2008 Moderate high Low moderate Low moderate Low Low Ownership Alignment Harmonization Managing for results Mutual accountability Moderate Low Low Low Low DAC Baseline SURVEY 2006

  13. Priority actions to make progress against 2010 targets • Implementation of the NSDI and IPS • Full functioning of monitoring and reporting systems including regulation on Foreign Assistance • Improvement of PFM and procurement systems • DSDC, in coordination with MoF, will effectively manage the donor database feeding the budget cycle • Donors are encouraged to improve reporting of external assistance in a timely and coherent manner

  14. Next…for a better aid • The Government and donors must undertake substantial efforts to improve use of country systems • Predictability of aid • Use of SWAp and PBAs and results-oriented frameworks • Albania should continue its reforms for institutional development and improving capacity • Donors must engage in increased alignment and harmonisation activities to reach the 2010 targets

  15. …and next steps …to be designed by donors and the GoA • Joint Strategy • principles of collaboration • financial arrangements to support it • monitoring and evaluation • Harmonization Action Plan • key themes and commitments of the Paris Declaration • setting out concrete actions and deadline to deliver real improvements in aid effectiveness • the plan will annually be updated in the light of Country developments

  16. REPUBLIC OF ALBANIA Council of Ministers Department of Strategy and Donor Coordination