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Oncology Information Systems ARIA – Pharmacy PowerPoint Presentation
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Oncology Information Systems ARIA – Pharmacy

Oncology Information Systems ARIA – Pharmacy

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Oncology Information Systems ARIA – Pharmacy

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  1. Oncology Information SystemsARIA – Pharmacy NA Sales Training 2008

  2. Pharmacy • Basic Dispensing • Advanced Dispensing • Central pharmacy for distribution • Central pharmacy for preparation

  3. Pharmacy Organization • Many factors that influence from where a drug will get dispensed • Which dispensing location linked to a clinic • Which locations can prepare/dispense the drug • Where the patient is scheduled

  4. Definitions • Dispensing location • A conceptual or real place from which drugs can be dispensed. Examples: pharmacy, treatment room, phlebotomy • It is likely a pharmacy, but not necessarily • A pharmacy can have over site over multiple dispensing locations • Orders can be transferred to other dispensing locations if necessary • Scheduling locations • Places where a patient is schedule to receive treatment • Scheduling locations can be linked to dispensing locations to direct from where a drug will be dispensed • Drug locations • Some drugs may only be available from specific locations due to handling, expertise needed for prep etc. • Some drugs may be available from different locations based on where the patient is scheduled (remove workload from pharmacy when possible)

  5. Sample Configurations Central Pharmacy with satellite clinics Hospital/Ward

  6. Organization Example • Out-pt area provides vitamin and epo shots, etc. and has their own supply • If patient scheduled in out-pt area with no other area, these drugs show up in that dispensing area vs. main pharmacy • If scheduled for regular treatment, these are dispensed from main pharmacy • Some meds can be supplied by a cabinet in the treatment area

  7. Content Setup • Three main parts that are required • Drug database (MediSpan – US, FDB – UK/AUS) • Commercially available drugs and basic content • Formulary • Supplemental drugs (e.g. trial drugs, newly available) • Contains general rounding and concentration information • Can be used to provide restricted order sets for physician groups (e.g. interns can be prevented from ordering chemo) • Product Inventory • Defines the products that can fulfill the ordered drug • Vial size/volume, strengths

  8. Order to Admin Process

  9. Basic Pharmacy Dispensing • Basically combines the step of preparation and dispensing in a single step • Can produce a worksheet (recipe) and labels • Determine product inventory needs • Some workflow support for • Patients who have arrived, access to med and allergy information • Pre-print labels for patient with orders for a day • Can only reference approved orders

  10. Dispensing • List of drugs to dispense for a patient • Labels, worksheet • Drug dispensing window • Ability to modify dose or add details such as diluent • Dispensing pharmacist • Lot numbers • Product details

  11. Advanced Pharmacy • Separate tasks for preparation and dispensing • Can prepare drugs based on scheduled appt for a regimen day • May prepare low cost, highly utilised drugs a day in advance • Dispensing involves verify order and prepared product match and expiry of preparation is still okay (system checks this) • General steps - Preparation • Approve the review of the order • Select a drug to specify preparation components • Print worksheet and label • Mark drug as prepared • Put in storage or dispense • General steps – Preparation • Review preparation for order dose and expiry • Dispense medications

  12. Batch Preparation • List of patients/drugs for a day • Pharmacy approval • Status indicated (actual order or just planned) • Preparation window • Product needs for order • Expiry date/time for prep

  13. Central Preparation/Distribution • Central Distribution • Inventory stored centrally and sent to sites in time for preparation • Use Scheduled Drug Orders report to look for inventory needs for a site on a day • Dispensing can be done at clinic • Central Preparation • Central pharmacy reviews needs for each remote clinic and prepare drugs as if they were there • Mark as prepared centrally, but dispensed locally

  14. Expected Inventory Needs • Report shows expected orders for a selected date • Certainty of order shown • Totals by drug/form • Based on actual needs vs. reorder thresholds • Non-regimen pts not included