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About The Vampire Diaries PowerPoint Presentation
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About The Vampire Diaries

About The Vampire Diaries

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About The Vampire Diaries

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  1. About The Vampire Diaries • The Vampire Diaries is a supernatural drama which includes horror, mystery, thriller, fantasy and romance. It was developed by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec. It is based on a book series which has the same name and it is written by the author L. J Smith. The show is starring Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Steven R. McQueen, Sara Canning, Kat Graham, Candice Accola, Zach Roerig, Kayla Ewell, Michael Trevino, Matthew Davis and Joseph Morgan.

  2. Story Line… It follows the life of a teenage girl named Elena Gilbert, as she falls in love with a vampire, Stefan Salvatore. It follows their relationship as it becomes really complicated when Stefan’s brother shows up, Damon who wants to cause havoc in the town, mystic falls and wanting to get revenge on his brother for turning him into a vampire against his will. Both brothers end up falling in love with Elena, as she looks like their past love, Katherine Pierce. Elena turns out to be a descendant of Katherine, who ends up returning to Mystic Falls, to carry out plans against Elena, Stefan and Damon. Other story lines in the programme revolve around Elena’s friends and family and also founding families who run the council who protect the town from vampires. There is also other supernatural beings in Mystic Falls such as werewolves, witches, ghosts and hybrids.

  3. Editors: • Lance anderson • Tyler cook • Nathan Easterlig Executive Producers: - Leslie Morganstein - Bob levy - Kevin Williamson - Julie Plec It premiered September 10 2009 on the channel The CW and it is originated in the United State. Currently there is 4 seasons and it has just started Season 5. Episodes Running Times: About 43 minutes. There is about 22 episodes for each season. • Production Companies: • Outerbanks Entertainment • Alloy Entertainment • CBS Television Studios • Warner Bros. Televison • Locations: • Atlanta, Georgia • Covington, Georgia • Chicago, Illinois • Pilot: Vancouver, British Columbia Related Show: The Originals

  4. Release Dates… USA – 10 September 2009 Canada – 10 September 2009 Australia – 28 September 2009 Norway – 6 January 2010 Germany – 20 January 2010 Netherlands – 31 January 2010 United Kingdom – 2 February 2010 Italy – 3 February 2010 Sweden – 11 February 2010 Hungary – 25 June 2010 Ireland – 4 August 2010 Serbia – 14 November 2011

  5. Cast… Nina Dobrev – Plays Elena Gilbert, a teenage girl that falls in love with two vampire brothers and whose life the show follows. Paul Wesley – Plays Stefan Salvatore, a good – heated vampire who falls in love with Elena Gilbert. Ian Somerhalder – Plays Damon Salvatore, a completely different vampire than his brother, who falls in love with Elena and wants revenge on his brother. Steven R. McQueen – Plays Jeremy Gilbert, Elena’s younger brother, who later in the series becomes a vampire hunter.

  6. Cast… Kat Graham – Plays Bonnie Bennett, who is one of Elena’s best friends and turns out to be a witch. Candice Accola – Plays Caroline Forbes, who is one of Elena’s best friends, who later in the series turns into a vampire. Zach Roerig – Plays Matt Donovan, who is Elena’s childhood friend and ex boyfriend. He is the human friend. Michael Trevino – Plays Tyler Lockwood, who is Matt’s best friend, Jeremy’s rival, and also the son of the Mayor of Mystic Falls. He is a werewolf who later turns into a hybrid.

  7. Cast… Joseph Morgan – Plays the original vampire Klaus Mikaelson, who also is a hybrid. Matthew Davis – Plays Alaric Saltzman, the history teacher, a vampire hunter and a love interest for Elena’s Aunt. Dies towards the end of season 3. Sara Canning – Plays Jenna Sommers, who is Jeremy’s and Elena’s Aunt and legal guardian. Dies at the end of the second season. Kayla Eswell – Plays Vicki Donovan, who is Matt’s sister and Tyler’s girlfriend then Jeremy’s. Dies in the seventh episode of season 1.

  8. At First… At first, Kevin Williamson didn’t care for Vampire Diaries as he thought it was too similar to other vampire tales. Though Julie Plec urged him to read the novels which then made him intrigued with the story. So on February 6, 2009 Variety announced that The CW had green – lit the pilot for the programme. Kevin and Julie are the head writers and executive producers. May 19, 2009, the series was officially ordered for the 2009 – 2010 season. The series was given a 22 – episode order on October 21, 2009, because of strong ratings for the first half of the season. February 16, 2010 The CW announced that the show had been renewed for the second season. It premiered on September 2, 2010. April 26, 2011, the show was renewed for the third season which was premiered on September 15, 2011. October 11, 2012, the fourth season premiered. February 11, 2013, the show was renewed for the fifth season.

  9. Ratings… The show has mixed reviews but improved greatly through the course of the show. Entertainment Weekly gave the pilot of Vampire Diaries a B+, saying the how “signals a welcome return to form for writer- producer Kevin Williamson.”Reviewer Ken Tucker ended his review saying “ Diaries promises us a season of sharp – tongued amusement.” Linda Stasi, from New York Post gave the premiere a perfect score saying she was “ hooked after one episode.” San Francisco Chronicles Tim Goodman gave a highly critical review, calling the series “ awful’. He said he disliked the dialogue. Many TV critics felt the series improved with each episode. Sarah Hughes from The Independent says The Vampire Diaries turns into “ a well – crafted, interestingly developed series”, despite a poor opening episode. Karla Peterson of The San Diego Union – Tribute said that “ the supernatural drama is a first – class production, featuring an insanely gorgeous cast, sharp scripts and a brooding vibe that is hard for even the most levelheaded adult to resist.” Mike Hale of The New York Times gave the series an honorable mention on his list of The Top TV Shows Of 2009. The series premiere on September 10 2009, gave The CW it’s biggest series premiere scoring 4.91 million viewers.