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Celebrating CSUDH! PowerPoint Presentation
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Celebrating CSUDH!

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Celebrating CSUDH!

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Celebrating CSUDH!

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  1. Celebrating CSUDH! Provost’s Welcome Forum Thursday, February 6, 2014 Loker Student Union Ellen Junn Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs

  2. Welcome Faculty Staff Students Department Chairs Deans and Associate Deans Associate Vice Presidents & Directors

  3. AgendaInteractive with Data (Poll Everywhere) • Getting feedback from faculty, staff, students • Identifying priorities • Next steps: Ideas, Innovation, Involvement & Implementation • Thank You and Q&A

  4. A LITTLE BIT ABOUT THE NEW PROVOST Origins in the Midwest. Attended state and private institutions. Deep core beliefs about diversity and inclusion. A lifelong commitment to the CSU—27 years! Sustained record of professional career achievements in student support programs, faculty development, as well as other areas such as academic technology, legislative advocacy. Coming back home to s. CA and a wonderful campus. No need for formalities!

  5. Let’s find out a bit more about you! Please turn on your cell phones or iPad! We want your participation with your cell or smart phone, iPad or laptop using Poll Everywhere!

  6. How To Vote via Texting EXAMPLE • Standard texting rates only (worst case US $0.20) • We have no access to your phone number TIPS

  7. How to vote via internet:Use your smart phone, laptop, ipad to find: http://pollev.com Are You Ready? Let’s try it! EXAMPLE

  8. Polling question.

  9. University? “UNIVERSITY”? Definition? Images? Institutional Composition? Purpose/Function? Personal Meanings?

  10. Media Portrayals of Professors Fred MacMurray – “Absent Minded Professor” Prof. Ned Brainard (1961) Groucho – “Horse Feathers” Professor Quincey Adams Wagstaff (1932) Julia Roberts, Katherine Watson, “Mona Lisa Smile” (2003) “Wonder Boys“ Michael Douglas (2000) Russell Johnson in “Gilligan’s Island” Professor Roy Hinkley (1964-67) Henry Walton “IN Jones” (Harrison Ford) Professor of Archaeology , OSS agent (1981) “The Nutty Professor “ (1996) Remake with Eddie Murphy Jerry Lewis as "The Nutty Professor"(1963)

  11. OUR GREAT FACULTY! Total = 841 • Tenured & Tenure-Track = 229 • - Tenured:197 • - Tenure-Track: 32 • Lecturers = 612

  12. Boyer’s Paradigm of Faculty Work in Scholarship Reconsidered (1990) • Faculty work is complex and multi-faceted. • Multiple roles include scholarly work and writing in 4 domains: (1) research (discovery); (2) teaching/learning; (3) engagement (application); and (4) integration. • Faculty should be rewarded for scholarly achievements in all of these areas.

  13. OUR WONDERFULACADEMIC AFFAIRSSTAFF Academic Affairs = 206 Total Campus = ~515

  14. Possible Interest Areas • Increase support for research, scholarly and creative activity. • Enhance support/resources for new teaching and learning activities. • Increase resources to increase High Impact Practices (e.g., service learning, internships, undergraduate research, study abroad). • Improve student writing (e.g., WAC, WID). • Enhance student advising and mentoring. • Improve technology to reduce workload. • Increase internationalization efforts.

  15. Polling activity

  16. Polling activity slide

  17. Polling activity to participate in.

  18. Polling activity results.

  19. Polling activity responses.

  20. Polling activity participation

  21. International efforts poll.

  22. DRAFT Academic Affairs Principles Privilege student success & graduation; Increase faculty support in all of their roles, along with staff support; Focus on quality and service in everything we do; Enhance campus distinction & visibility; Promote innovation, involvement; Build collaborations across the campus and in the community. Find joy and fun in our activities!

  23. Next action steps NEXT ACTION STEPS: More faculty and staff hiring. Enhance research, scholarly and creative activity. Increase recognition for faculty & staff. Improve teaching support and technology (HIP, hybrid/online). Encourage innovative teaching—invite me to your innovative class! Support curricular and program innovations. Enhance community-building/collegial opportunities. Improve communityoutreach and resources. Identify new technologiesto reduce workload/improve efficiency. Continue to strengthen diversity & inclusion commitment.

  24. Communication Plans • Provost’s Forums (1-2 per semester). • Email communications and improved websites. • Orientation meetings with all colleges. • Invite me to your department meeting! • Regular meetings with Chairs, Senate, CFA, ASI, others. • Coffee Conversationswith the Provost (Academic Affairs staff; faculty). • Launch PR efforts to highlight achievements.

  25. SUMMARY • Honor our history, mission and past/current accomplishments; • Think strategically and innovatively to stabilize and align budgetsin order to maximize student success; • Understand and support the unique, complex, interdependent and criticalcollaborative rolesthat faculty, staff and administrators play together in promoting the success of our students, as well as supporting scholarship, creative activity, service and community advocacy connections. • Proactively address strategic planning and accreditation issues. • Allocate resourcesto create an inclusive climate of innovation, creativity, results, and fun! • Commit to enhanced collaboration and communication. • Publicizeour successes and achievements!

  26. Celebrating Our History & Mission

  27. President Hagan’s Investiture ThemeCSU Dominguez Hills: America Happens Here • More than half a century after its founding, California State University, Dominguez Hills serves as a conduit between the reality of today’s America and a vision put forth not just by the CSU, but also by the country’s founders. For if “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” truly are “inalienable rights,” so too must be affordable, accessible and quality higher education for those who seek it. • The investiture of Dr. Willie J. Hagan as the 10th president of California State University, Dominguez Hills provides an opportunity to reflect on the university’s proud history of manifesting these principles. It also is a time to reflect on how major issues’ facing today’s America such as, income inequality, security versus privacy, peace-building and critical and sometimes controversial scientific advances, unfold at CSU Dominguez Hills and how they impact us and we them. • California State University, Dominguez Hills was deliberately placed here in Carson California to serve as the intersection of promise and hope for a community in crisis and a source of quality education in a service area that includes some of the wealthiest and poorest communities in California. • A university where pride and purpose meet; where upward mobility begins; where public policy is created, diversity is celebrated, and where a vision articulated more than 200 years ago is made real for a new generation through unprecedented access to affordable, quality higher education grounded in academic excellence. • America is a dream that happens every day. America happens at California State University, Dominguez Hills.

  28. THANK YOU!