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Do Indian tech startups need to hire a PR Agency PowerPoint Presentation
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Do Indian tech startups need to hire a PR Agency

Do Indian tech startups need to hire a PR Agency

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Do Indian tech startups need to hire a PR Agency

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  1. Do Indiantechstartupsneed tohirea PRAgency? The boilingup ofIndiantechstart-upsceneintherecentyearshas providedtechjournalistswith afeastofstories,scandals,andgossips.AsurveyconductedbyInnoven Capitalrevealedthat about 65 per cent startups in India are concentrated to the technology niche only. The report pointed out that from the unstoppable growth in smartphone users to the rising number of incubatorscompanieswithventurecapitalistfundingareaimingtoraiseamedianofUSD12.5 million in2017.And,beingatechjournalist,itisafascinatingtimetowatchthisamazing period unfold. But,inreality,arethesestart-upsableactuallytoengagewiththemediaeffectively? Dothey reallyneed aPublicRelation (PR) Agencyoraretheyable to their PRon theirown?Let’s havea lookatwhattheIndiantechstart-upsceneiswhendealingmediawithandwithoutanexternal PR Agency. Start-upsinIndiaaregenerallydoingwellwithmarketingthemselvestothetargetaudience,but whenaimingformediacoverage,theyusuallyfailorarenotabletogetthedesired coverage. Thisallhappensallbecauseoftworeasons-eitheryouwerenotshowingbehavingintheright mannerwiththejournalistorthejournalistisavoidingyourstoryasitisnotthatgoodenough

  2. among the crowd of other tech start-up stories. They can’t understand why- especially since they’vegivenintheirbestpossibleeffortsincreatingwhattheyareauniqueandnextbigthing inthemarket.Buttheyneedtounderstand beingpartofthe companytheymightthinkevery single piece of information about the company is newsworthy, but from journalist’s point of view,it might not havethat essenceto be called anewsstory. It’s not the idea that is creating a problem but instead, it is the way of presenting that idea throughthecontentinfrontofmediathatisamatterofconcern.Tobebetterabletoreachthe mediaprofessionalsitisonlytheexternalPRCompanies,especiallythePRCompaniesinDelhithatcanhelpthetechstart-upsgroomuptheircontentmakingitsuitableforpublications.So, insteadofdenyingtheappointmentofaspecializedPRAgencyofDelhi,makeitapointtohire them and share every minute modification or detail about your business with them to better create an impactful storyto bebroadcast in media. WhileworkingwiththePRAgencies,whetherusingthedigitalPRtoolsorthedigitalonesitis thepatiencethatneedstobetherewhileworkingwiththem,atleastforastartupit’sanecessity. You are no one in the market; they are aiming to give you the name and fame to make a competitivestandinthemarket,sogivethemappropriatetimetodotheirwork.Startupsneedto understandthathurryingupforresultswhenworkingwithPRCompanieswillgetthemnothing butsomeunsatisfactorycoverages.Ifnotmoreatleastgivethematimeoftwo–threemonthsto reflectontheirresults.Anythinglessthanthismuchtimewillnot bebeneficialasitistheperiod when the agencyisgettingfamiliar withyourcompany,and its wayof working. Ifyouareanentrepreneur,especiallytheonewithatechstart-upmakeitapointnottoignore thevalueofPRAgencybecauseclosingdownofbusinessduetoinsufficientmarketvisibility will cause you hugeloss as you have amuch moreexpensive operatingbusiness than others. And,ifyouareonelocatedinDelhi,don’tforgettohireandgetyourhandsonsomeofthebest servicesprovidedbyPR consultants in Delhi.AlwaysremembertheseexpertPRprofessionals havein themagic that can makeyour storyshinein publications.