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BEACH ACTIVITIES. Maximo Almonte Daniel Harris Megan McGannon Kristy Ponente. Megan McGannon. All images property of Megan McGannon. Megan McGannon. Proposed Image

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  1. BEACH ACTIVITIES MaximoAlmonte Daniel Harris Megan McGannon Kristy Ponente

  2. Megan McGannon All images property of Megan McGannon

  3. Megan McGannon • Proposed Image • This image will depict a soccer player on the beach kicking a soccer ball which will appear to be coming off the page -The diamonds on the soccer ball will all be different beach scenes that have been darkened and brightened using pixel math to create a soccer ball image

  4. Kristy Ponente All images are property of Kristy Ponente and Megan McGannon.

  5. Kristy Ponente • Proposed Image - The image I will choose will be a large wave, with a surfer riding the wave. The wave will be large, and inside of it contain many tiny pictures of different beach scenes, and waves. I will use Adobe Photoshop and Pixel math to create different textures and tones.

  6. Dan Harris

  7. Dan Harris • Proposed Image • My proposed image will be a large strip of beach with the crush close on the side and will show all the activities you can do at the beach, both in and out of the water, with a large amount of people all doing their own respective activity, criss-crossing back and forth.

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