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School Teacher

School Teacher

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School Teacher

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  1. School Teacher By, Alana Pulver

  2. College • I would like to go to Lansing Community College for my first year, just to get everything easy done. • After that year I would like to transfer go to Central by meeting with the Central adviser and have an articulation agreement. To become a Elementary teacher. Studying abroad, I would like to go to Italy.

  3. Steps to becoming any teacher • Step1: Getting a high school diploma. • Step 2: Enroll in College • Step 3: Complete a Teacher Certification Program. • Step 4: Advanced in the field.

  4. Elementary Teacher • You would have to be able to teach Kindergarten through 5th grade. • You would need a bachelors degree, four years. • Whatever subject you wish to teach, you basically need to major in. • You would also have to enroll in a teacher education program during your sophomore or junior year in College . • No Criminal Record • For an elementary teacher you would go to a local school and work directly with kids under the supervision of a licensed teacher. • You would have to be good with kids and have a good personality.

  5. Middle School Teacher • The Middle school Teacher would have to get a bachelors degree. • You would have to be apart of personal development. • You would have to be able to have a good sense of humor and be able to put students anger to more of a memorable experience. • You would have to be able to teach 5th through 8th grade. • Cannot have a Criminal Record.

  6. High School Teaching • To become a good High School Teacher, you would have to be a good role model and be a positive influence on the teenagers. • High School students are looking for what they want to be and a high school teacher would have to be able to help them in questions that they have . Either personal or school wise. • Your criminal record is very important. It would just be best if it was clear.

  7. Special Education Teacher • To be a special educational teacher you would have to be able to teach from Kindergarten from 12th grade. • This would be my second choice if I were to teach. • You must be organized, have patients, and able to motivate any student. • You would have to have a license from the special education training programs • It would take a very special person to work with them.

  8. Teachers Salary • Most teachers starting salary is between $25,000- $38,000 . • The average Salary is between $40,000- $58,000 • Retired Teachers Collect around $50,000 a year. • It depends on what state you are in of what your Salary is.

  9. Special Education Salary • Special Education Teachers make around $57,000 • Special ED Assistant makes around $21,000

  10. Why I want to be a Teacher? I always knew ever since I was little that I wanted to do something with helping others. I wanted to be a nurse for a long time but ever since high school I just felt more of doing something with children. I have always been good at English so that’s what I am going to try to major in so I can eventually teach that to kids in Elementary.

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