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  1. TECRA M2

  2. Why Choose the Tecra M2 ? • Maximum Platform Stability • Maximum platform stability for at least 12 months. No Software or Hardware change necessary. Lower TCO. • Designed Specifically for business use • Extremely light at 2.2Kgs, Magnesium Alloy casing for added protection as well as latest performance technologies. • Intel Centrino Mobile Technology • Latest Intel Centrino platform to provide maximum performance as well as support for future technology – Intel 855PM chipset, Intel Pro/Wireless LAN 802.11b/g. • Compatibility • New Advanced Port Replicator III supports other Toshiba models such as the Portege M200. • Extended Battery Life • Standard battery life of 4+ hours can be increased to over 8 hours with the extended battery. Over 11 hours with Slim SelectBay battery. • Powerful Graphics • nVidia GeForce FX Go 5200 graphics engine to provide smooth, cinematic graphics on the move.

  3. Why Choose the Tecra M2? • Extensive Wireless Support • 802.11b/g WiFi and Infra Red pre-installed. • Bluetooth is included in the Microsoft configuration. • Dual Pointing Device • Use either the Accupoint, touchpad or both for maximum ease of use and flexibility. • Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 • Latest Microsoft productivity tool, pre-installed • ConfigFree • Unique Toshiba software designed to make wireless easy to use as well as enhancing network functionality. • Global Product • Available worldwide with support from a truly global partner.

  4. Powerful nVidia Graphics High Performance Graphics: nVidia GeForce FX Go5200 • Microsoft Direct X 9.0 Support • Designed to offer cinematic quality effects • Class leading video playback • Industry leading 128-bit studio precision colour • Software stability, reliability and compatibility • 3D Mark 2001SE Max. Score – 6663

  5. Toshiba Dual Pointing Device • Accupoint or Touchpad Control • Users now have the choice to choose their preferred pointing device. • Software application available to give functionality to one or both devices. Accupoint Functionality Touchpad Functionality

  6. ConfigFree Software Unrivalled User Experience: ConfigFree Software • Toshiba’s unique wireless connectivity tool for Wireless LAN and Bluetooth • GUI driven interface for easy set-up and configuration • User Profiles stored for easy connectivity • Diagnostic Doctor to assist with troubleshooting New Wireless Scanner – Allows notebook to look for wireless devices Strength of Signal Wireless Devices Available

  7. Extended Battery Life Standard Battery Life: 4 Hours Extended Battery Life: 8+ Hours Extended Battery + Slim SelectBay: 11+ Hours External Battery Charger for added convenience

  8. Tecra M2 Overview Dual Antenna – Improved wireless reception Magnesium Alloy Casing Top and bottom -Added Protection- Power Toshiba Console Presentation Button Speakers Touchpad/Accupoint S-Video/Modem Ethernet/DC Power LED Indicators Wireless Switch Infra Red Parallel i-Link (some models) 2 x PC Card SD Card Slot 2 x USB/ Optical/VGA Volume Dial Headphone/Microphone

  9. CPU Intel Centrino Pentium M Processor 745 1.8GHz SOFTWARE Windows XP Professional Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 ConfigFree Software DOCKING Advanced Port Replicator III HDD 60 GB MEMORY: 3 Configurations 1 x 512 , 2 x 512MB, 1 x 1GB Max 2048MB (Tecra M2 has two memory slots) BATTERY Li-Ion battery, 4+ hours with standard battery. Extended battery – 8+ hours Extended battery + Slim S’Bay Battery – 11+ Hrs GRAPHICS nVidia GeForce FX Go5200 64MB PORTS 1 x parallel, 1 x Fast InfraRed (FIR), 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x VGA, 1 x RJ-45, 1 x RJ11, 1 x S-Video, 1 x DC-in, 1 x headphone, 1x i-Link, 1 x external microphone, 2 x Type II PC Card, 1 x Port Replicator, 1 x SD Card Slot, 1 x Memory Expansion, 1 x Kensington Lock Slot SCREEN 14.1”TFT - 1024 x 768 Optical Devices DVD/CD-RW COMMUNICATION 56K V.92 modem, 10/100 Ethernet LAN, Gigabit Support. Fast InfraRed, 802.11b/g Intel Pro/Wireless LAN Bluetooth SIZE AND WEIGHT 314x259x31/35mm 2.26Kgs • Tecra M2: Microsoft EMEA Specification

  10. Tecra M2 Options & Accessories Power – Mains Power Accessories Description: This battery charger is designed to work with Toshiba Tecra M1, M2, 9xxx, Portege 2xxx, 3500 and 4000, and Satellite Pro 6xxx series portable computers. Description: Power your notebook on the move. Adapters to power and charge your notebook from cars, airplanes and trucks. Provides enough power to support Pentium 4 notebooks. Several power tips providing support for a wide variety of Toshiba notebooks Battery Charger (PA3091E-1CHG) Notebook Car / Truck / Airplane Charger 90W (PX1116E-1NPO ) Description: This Toshiba Global AC Adapter is a 75 watt external AC adapter designed to work with a wide range of Toshiba portable computers Don't get caught without power - get an extra AC adapter to keep at home or in the office. Power cord sold separately. Description: A two metre power cord designed for Toshiba AC Adapters (sold separately). Comes with a plastic plug cover to prevent scratching your notebook or other devices when packed in a notebook case. Power Cord: UK/EURO/US (PWRCORD2M/ PWRCORD3M-EURO/ PWRCORD2MUS) AC Adapter (PA3283E-2ACA)

  11. Tecra M2 Options & Accessories Power - Batteries Description: This Toshiba main battery pack is a 6-cell, rechargeable, removable lithium ion battery. Dimensions (W x H x D): 207 x 45 x 20mm Weight: 325g Charge time per battery (approx.): 2.4h (off) / 4.5 - 10h (on) Description: This Toshiba High Capacity Battery Pack is a 12-cell, rechargeable, removable, Lithium Ion battery designed to work with various Toshiba portable computers. Providing an impressive 8 hours of battery life, the Tecra M2 allows you to keep going even longer if you use the High Capacity Battery along with a Slim SelectBay Battery (e.g. PA3129U-1BRS), which will give you up to an incredible 11.5 hours. Main Battery – Li-Ion, 6 Cell, 4400mAh (PA3356U-1BRS) High Capacity Battery – Li-Ion, 12 Cell, 8800mAh (PA3357U-1BRL) Description: The Toshiba Slim SelectBay Battery Pack is a thinner, lighter, rechargeable, removable 6-cell Lithium Ion battery. It fits right into the Slim SelectBay battery slot and provides 2* extra hours of computing time in addition to the 3* hours with the primary battery. - Capacity: 10.8V x 3600mAh - Recharge time: Approximately 2.5+ hours Slim SelectBay 2nd Battery (PA3129U-1BRS)

  12. Tecra M2 Options & Accessories Expansion 64MB Secure Digital Memory Card (PX1063E-1NME) 256MB Secure Digital Memory Card (PX1118E-1NME) 512MB Secure Digital Memory Card (PX1121E-1NME) Description: As small as a postage stamp, the Toshiba Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card is compact and portable as well as robust and reliable. With incredible storage capacity in a small form factor, the SD memory card has been adopted as the media of technology convergence. The SD memory card makes it easy to share files between devices, so you can stop worrying about cables, drivers and compatibility. The same card can be used in all devices that are SD compliant.

  13. Tecra M2 Options & Accessories Drives Description: Use to transfer large or small data files Features -Ideal as a backup device -Perfect for presentations -Exchange files with almost any USB equipped computer Description: This adapter is required for all Slim SelectBay hard drives: Colour : Black. USB Floppy Disk Drive (PA3109U-1FDD) Slim SelectBay HDD Adapter (PA3134U-1ETC) Description: Ultra thin, durable and quiet hard drive with one button data synchronisation Features -Ideal for data storage, file sharing, backup, archiving and installations -Compact, robust aluminium design for mobile computing applications -Comes with award winning Acronis True Image Software Description: Designed to operate as a primary HDD or a second removable HDD in the SelectBay drive of your notebook. Simply purchase the SelectBay Drive HDD Adapter (PA3134U-1ETC Black) to use as 2nd SelectBay Hard disk drive. A must-have if you need that extra storage capacity or to replace an existing primary hard disk drive. Choice of 60GB or 80GB. Slim SelectBay 60 GB HDD 5400rpm (PA3204U-1H60) 80 GB HDD 4200rpm (PA3222U-1H80) USB 2.0 60GB External HDD (PX1136E-1NST)

  14. Tecra M2 Options & Accessories Description: The fast, easy way to connect your accessories, at your desk or on the move This small, light USB 2.0 Port Replicator, allowing you to use current and legacy peripherals. It supports both Self and Bus powered mode. It features over-current detection and protection per port so your connected accessories cannot be damaged by having too much electrical power supplied to them. This is an incredibly useful accessory for almost any notebook user. Description: Eliminate plugging and unplugging The Toshiba Advanced Port Replicator III is an adjustable port replicator designed to work with the Tecra M2. While providing fast access to your desktop environment, it eliminates the hassle of connecting multiple cables time after time. This saves wear-and-tear both on notebook ports, as well as, the cable plugs themselves. Toshiba Advanced Port Replicator III comes with its own 75W AC adapter and UK power cord. USB 2.0 Port Replicator (PX1098E-1PRP) Advanced Port Replicator III (PA3314E-1PRP) Description: The perfect travel mouse. Featuring a retractable cord which winds into the mouse’s body for compact, secure storage. Its small size means that it fits neatly into a notebook carry case. Employing optical technology, it offers precise tracking with no cleaning required. It is also extremely compatible as it uses a USB connection. Description: This is a sleek new version of the original MicroSaver, the industrial standard for notebook security. Microsaver's patented T-bar mechanism fits into a slot built into 95% of notebooks, TFT Monitors, LCD Projectors and CPU's. It’s very easy to install with no unsightly components stuck into your notebook. Just loop the 1.8 metre cable around a fixed object and put the lock into your notebook...that's all there is to it! USB Retractable Travel Mouse (PX1096E-1NAC) Slim MicroSaver (PX1172E-1NAC)

  15. Tecra M2 Options & Accessories Carry Cases Lady’s Leather Carry Case (PX1129E-1NCA) Delegate II (TP09CC-ABS) Backpack Pro (TP08TA-BPK) Ambassador (TP09CC-LTH)