keep calm and learn integers n.
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Plus all the information you need to know About Integers ! PowerPoint Presentation
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Plus all the information you need to know About Integers !

Plus all the information you need to know About Integers !

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Plus all the information you need to know About Integers !

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  1. Keep Calm And Learn Integers! Every Time You Subtract – Negative From Your Life, You Make Room For More + Positive Integers is as easy as 1,2,3 Plus all the information you need to know About Integers!

  2. An Integer is a whole number that is either greater than zero (positive numbers) , or lower than zero (negativenumbers). Zero is neither positive or negative. Two integers that are the same distance from zero in opposite directions are called opposites. -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 1

  3. History of integers Leopold Kronecker Born: 7 December 1823 Legnica Poland. Died : December 29, 1891, Berlin, Germany. Leopold made integers history. The person who worked with integers is Leopold kronecker. He quoted “ God made integers; the rest is a work of a man”. This quote symbolises that no man created integers, God did and the rest of the work was for a man. Leopold continued the work of Maths and studied integers , number theory and algebra. 2

  4. Integers in the real world Integers apply to our everyday life and are used basically everyday for different things. Taxation Taxation forms includes integers because the money is rounded to the nearest dollar. Dealing with money The money that you have in your pocket is positive because you own it. The money you owe to someone is negative. Example: I have $10 in my pocket that is positive but if I owe someone money that is negative. What did you do today that included the use of integers? 3

  5. Integers in PDHPE Did you know ? Integers can be used in different subjects Like PE! Integers are used in many subjects and PE is one of them. Integers can be used in PE for scoring. Example: When 2 teams (the A team and the B team) are playing netball. If the score is 20 to 12 and 2 points (-2)have to be taken off the A team, the score is now 18 to 12. 5

  6. Integers in Science. Did you know ? Integers can be used in different subjects! Like science. Integers are used in different subjects and science is one of them. How are integers used in science? Integers are used in science for measuring the length between planets, line graphs, measurements and diagrams etc. This picture above shows the collected data of a topic and is presented in a line graphs using integers. 6

  7. Adding and subtracting integers! - Negative + positive. What are positive and negative numbers? A Positive number is really a number without a sign. 6 is really +6. A Negative number is with a minus sign before it. -6. What and how to use number lines? 1.Add a positive integer by moving to the right on the number line. 2.Add a negative integer by moving to the left on the number line. 3.Subtract an integer by adding its opposite. How do you add and subtract integers without number line? Remember these rules for adding integers: e.g. -6+7= It is actually counting backwards. -5,-4,-3,-2, -1,0,1. The answer is 1. Remember these rules for subtracting integers: e.g. -2-3= You actually counting forwards to negative. -3,-4,-5= The answer is -5. 7

  8. Multiplying and Dividing integers • When you multiply and diving two integers with the same signs, the result is always positive. • Positive x positive = positive Negative x negative = positive • Positive ÷ positive = positive • Negative ÷ negative = positive • When you multiply and dividing two integers with different signs, the result is always negative. • Positive x negative = negative Negative x positive = negative • Positive ÷ negative = negative • Negative ÷ positive = negative -2×-4=-8 8

  9. Integers are an important part of our day! Have you used Integers or seen integers today? Integers are important because they are used in everyday life and different subjects. 9

  10. Number lines & how They work Negative numbers are on the left side of zero Positive numbers are on the right of zero How do we use number lines? Number lines help us when we are figuring out a problem. We use them to give us a visual of our working out. The integers on the left side of zero (0) are called negative numbers, and are represented by a negative sign (−) placed before them. The integers on the right side of 0 are called positive numbers. 10

  11. Integers word problem • The temperature in Sydney Australia at 4pm is 9 degrees. The temperature drops to -3 degrees at 4am. How many degrees did the temperature drop? Answer: 9-(-3) =9+3=12

  12. Quiz It’s time to put your knowledge to a test, how much do you really know about integers? 10

  13. Answers For the Quiz 15. 2 16. -1 17. -63 18. -18 19. -1 20. -9 21. -11 22. -7 23. -7 24. 0 25. -11 26. 1 27. -5 28. -7 • -9 • 14 • 4 • -10 • 0 • -12 • -11 • -8 • -4 • 5 • -5 • 8 • -2 • 5 11

  14. 1- Name of the game Questions for website. Introduce the game and explain how it works and why it was made. Is there anything you would like to change about the game to make it better?  Entertainment: Did you enjoy the game? What skill/skills regarding integers do you learn when playing the game? Do you recommend this game for students to play? Why? How good was this game? Rate the game on a scale of 1 to ten. List the strengths of the game 9- the weaknesses of the game

  15. Answers on game critique. • Fun brain line jumper. • This game is great and helpful in theterm of information because it mainly helps you to know how to use a number line and answer questions. You first look at the question and then answer it on the number line. • Is to make it more fun and action also to look attractive so kids would play it. • Yes because the number line helps you understand and answer the question. • Yes that if you are stuck on a question draw and use a number line. • Yes because students will find it easier to answer integers and how to use the number line. • 5. • Showing players that number lines help so the game is informative. • Its not that interesting and fun, it needs more colour and pictures so kids can play it. 13

  16. Website Review • • The title of the information should be a little bit bigger and more colourful. • The information is short, simple and informative. • The website lacks creativity and colour • The author should have used creativity and understood what school students like, that will able them to read the website without boredom. • Overall the website is informative It has a date , the information is current, it was updated and there is a name of the author but no email or contact. 12