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PowerPoint Slides For Presentation

PowerPoint Slides For Presentation

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PowerPoint Slides For Presentation

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  1. PowerPoint Slides For Presentation By Emily Freeman

  2. Main Product and Ancillary Products My main product is going to be a music video to the track of Old Pines, by Ben Howard. For my ancillary products I am going to produce a digipak and a magazine advertisement.

  3. Summary of Main Product A music video which focuses on mood (reminiscing on good times). It will include a performer, who will lip sync to the music. However, a large quantity of the piece will be of other shots that capture nature.

  4. Example of Existing Product • Also a mood piece • Variety of lengths of each shot • Highly performance based (playing at a gig) • Shows the audience • Shows the setting being made • Variety of close ups and long shots

  5. Codes, Conventions and Characteristics of Genre of Main Product • Live Performance(very typical in the genre of Indie/Rock to use live performance in the video) • Sound (the track is generally played over performance/narrative) • Narrative (narrative through a music video is used very commonly to tell a story) • Mise en Scene (this has increasingly become more important in Indie music as the performer tends to have more of a retro look) • Camera (using close ups helps introduce us to the performer) • Editing (plays a large role as many Indie music videos try to create an old fashioned effect. Editing is where the audience need to be attracted to the video)

  6. Characteristics of Target Audience • Those who enjoy Indie music • Could consist of any age or both genders • Quite often, those who enjoy going to unsigned gigs will like this genre of music. • People who enjoy a lower budget music video

  7. Mood Board In my mood board I have incorporated a wide variety of pictures that capture nature. I have chosen these photos as they show a wide variety of shots that I could possibly use in my project.

  8. Sound Sample My sound sample is the track of Old Pines by Ben Howard.

  9. Practical Challenges The could include: • The weather • Suiting the location to the genre of the music • Trying to get the lips to sync at the right time • Making sure that the performer suits the music

  10. Target Date / Action Plan • Rough draft of main product and a concrete plan for ancillary products – End of term • Final version of both, main product and ancillary products – End of January

  11. I would be satisfied if … I complete my product to a high standard and generate some creative camera angles and shots. I would also like to create a product that is better than my previous work as it would show how much I have learnt and how capable I am to learn more.