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Everything You Need to Know About Rattan Garden Furniture

Know More in detail about Rattan Garden Furniture for your perfect home.

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Everything You Need to Know About Rattan Garden Furniture

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  1. Everything You Need to Know About Rattan Garden Furniture

  2. Rattan garden furniture offers both style and durability for any outdoor, garden or patio area. Because Rattan is so strong and made from top quality polyethylene ‘wicker’ especially when woven around rust resistant aluminium framing. Not only does Rattan look beautiful, but it is easy to keep clean and is resistant to most weather conditions which means it can be stored outdoors and used all year round – and you can still appreciate sitting outdoors in colder weather - wrapped up warm enjoying the infrequent winter sunlight can be balmy bliss.

  3. Rattan garden furniture is a popular choice amongst buyers probably and mainly because of its seemingly timeless elegance. Gone are the days when Rattan (or sometimes mistakenly called wicker – this is the technique) was considered old fashioned and out of date furnishing. Rattan garden furniture is not only functional and looks lovely, but is very comfortable too. This is because the soft material and woven interlocking of the fibres in the wicker process has a tendency to yield to the person sitting on the chair or sofa which means you may not even need a cushion. Colourful or neutral cushions are more often style accessories than comfort essentials.

  4. Because Rattan enjoys longevity, it won’t need replacing for many years especially if it is manufactured to high quality with UV protection and stabilisers which helps against the harshness of heat and cold which results in fading, cracking and splitting commonly seen un untreated Rattan. The investment in good quality treated Rattan is worth the initial outlay! Rattan garden furniture is a sought after amongst home owners. Not only is it aesthetic and comfortable as we mentioned above, but it is a material that is easy to maintain and care for with mostly nothing more than routine cleaning, dusting or wiping over with a damp cloth being required. Sometimes you can take the vacuum cleaner to it to get rid of stubborn dust. Rattan doesn’t stain. If a drink, especially red wine, is spilled on Rattan garden furniture it can easily be wiped away using a damp cloth and possibly a very mild detergent.

  5. No sanding and oiling is ever required. Rattan garden furniture that is protected against the rain and moisture can be left outdoors regardless of the weather conditions because the lacquer or varnish coating makes them water-proof. However, it is not entirely a lifetime guarantee and you will need to re-lacquer the furniture when the varnish eventually wears off. This will simply help continue to protect the set from unfavourable weather elements in its next few years. So much is written on the advantages of Rattan, but on the flip side, does Rattan garden set have any disadvantages? The truthful answer is yes, but then so do all the other types of garden or patio furniture. There is really only one disadvantage and that is its vulnerability to moisture so it would be advised to cover your set during wet weather conditions – a small inconvenience that goes a long way to supporting and enjoying its use over a long time.

  6. Made from finest Rattan weaves Garden Chic outdoor dining sets are carefully selected from the most prestigious brands. We aim to offer you a varied choice and feel we have the garden furniture to suit both a small and a large family, all on-line and ready for rapid delivery.

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