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  1. Ever Written by Gail Carson Levine power point by Lauren picture from

  2. I really like this book! Characters Kezi A beautiful rug-weaver that is a normal mortal that loves to dance. When she meets Olus her life will change forever. Olus Olus is the Akkan of winds. He can fly on his winds and out and is very interested in Kezi. Mati or Merem Merem is Kezi’s mom. She has two names usually Mati is used. She gets sick but then recovers. She is a rug-weaver like Kezi. Pado or Senat Kezi’s dad also has two names. I don’t know why but Pado is usually used. He makes an oath to save his wife. He gave Olus land to keep his goats. There are more characters but these are the main characters.

  3. Setting • Hyte is where Kezi’s live before she met Olus. • Akka is where Olus lives. It is also where all the other gods and goddesses live. • Wadir is the Akkan version of the Under World. • Olus’s house is where is lived as a child. • Kezi’s house is where she lives until the end of the story. It is a good book!

  4. Problem • Kezi has to become scarified in one month and has to go on an adventure to save her life. • She is turns into a warki bird while she is in Wadir. and read the book!!!!!!

  5. Solution • I can’t tell you if she does save her life or not. • She gets out of Wadir and becomes human again. I can’t tell you how so read the book if you are anxious to find out. and

  6. Plot • The story switches off from Kezi to Olus. Olus is the Akkan god of winds. He lives in Akka where all the gods and goddesses live. Kezi is a beautiful, dancing, rug-weaver mortal in Hyte. When Olus is old enough he goes and lives in Hyte. When Kezi’s mother, Merem gets sick, Pado her dad, swears that whoever says congratulations to him on Merem’s recovery after three days whoever says it they will have to be sacrificed. Which means they’ll have to die. Also if no one says congratulations in those three days the family will be haunted for the rest generations of their family. Then Kezi says congratulations to save her aunt from saying it. Olus and Kezi then go on a journey to save her from being sacrificed. This book is action-packed full of adventure and a tinge of romance. I can tell you anymore so read the book to find out what happens!

  7. Wow! A book report on Ever! I want to red it now! I am going to text my friend about Ever. It was a great book! If you read the book enjoy!!!!!! This book looks awesome!