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  1. Riddles… See if you and your partner can work these out.

  2. 1. Some months have thirty days, some months have thirty one, but how many have twenty eight days? All of them…

  3. 2 If you had only one match and went into a dark room where there was an oil lamp, some paper and some wood, which one would you light first? You would light the match first.

  4. 3 A man builds a square house with four sides. Each side faces south. A big bear comes past his house. What colour is the bear? It’s white. It’s a polar bear. The only place where all the walls can face south is in the centre of the north pole.

  5. 5 If you drove a bus with 42 people on it from London and stopped at Leeds, you picked up 12 more people and drove to York, dropped off 6 people and drove to Hull and arrived back in London 8 hours later, what is the driver’s name? What’s your name again?

  6. 6 A man went into a field with a pack on his back and died? What happened? He fell out of an aeroplane.

  7. 7. A man walked into a bar in America. He asked for a glass of water. The barman took a shotgun out from under the counter and pointed it at the man. After a few seconds the man said ‘thank you’ and walked out. Why? The man had hiccups. The shock made his hiccups go away.

  8. 8 A dark skinned man, dressed completely in black walks down a country road with no streetlights. A black car with no lights on comes racing down the road. Why doesn’t the car hit the man? It’s daylight.