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Concern America

Concern America

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Concern America

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  1. Concern America To serve others to give what we have is not enough unless we always show the utmost respect for each other and all we meet --Dorothy Day

  2. History:Concern America was founded in Stockton, CA in 1972 as an offshoot of an organization, Concern, located in Ireland. The founders were Fr. Michael Doheny, Sean O’Farrell, Paul Fairbrook, & Raymond Kennedy.

  3. Objective: “To provide training, technical assistance and/or material support to people in lesser-developed countries who require assistance as a result of natural disaster, civil disruption, forced migration, discrimination or historically-rooted poverty. The primary emphasis is to encourage self reliance through programs in public health, nutrition, sanitation, and economic and agricultural development.” --From the By-Laws of Concern America

  4. Development Abroad An International Development & Refugee Aid Organization. • Education • Health • Appropriate Technology • Income-Generation

  5. …& at Home • Justice Education • Fair Trade

  6. Education

  7. Education In most rural communities where Concern America works there is great interest in literacy programs. People everywhere want to learn to read and write and to acquire basic skills in mathematics.

  8. Health “The health promoters are life-savers and spirit-savers. They can diagnose and treat the vast majority of the infectious, chronic or endemic diseases of their villages and can initiate and motivate programs to prevent them. In the best of cases they can fight the system and get a patient with a serious injury or illness into the hospital system. They are a hope for their village and for our world. Because of that very reason health promoters can be targets of those who want to see society controlled in ways that don’t promote the common good. And, of course, this is why we support them and safeguard them.”  ~ Curt Wands, PA (2004)

  9. Health Concern America concentrates on sending health professionals to train local people, often selected by their community, to become health promoters. Health promoters are trained to provide community-based, appropriate primary and preventative health care.

  10. Appropriate Technology

  11. Appropriate Technology Appropriate technology reduces the amount of hard work and long hours of manual labor needed for life-sustaining tasks.

  12. Income-Generation

  13. Income-Generation Community members are organized into co-operatives to manufacture products or provide services, which are marketable and income-producing.

  14. Training for Transformation

  15. Developing a Heart that Yearns for Justice • Teaches leaders about the excitement and satisfaction that comes with incorporating principles of global justice into the decision-making process • To facilitate the development of creative, genuine, and active responses to perceived injustices

  16. Funding Concern America is a nonprofit organization. Funding comes primarily from individual donors. Concern America is nonsectarian and neither seeks nor accepts funds from government agencies.

  17. How You Can Support Concern America • Setting the Table • Adopt-A-Volunteer • Fair Trade Coffee • Crafts • Annual Walk-A-Thon • Church Speakers making room for a guest at our table

  18. Contact Information:2015 N. BroadwayPO Box 1790 Santa Ana, CA 92702(800) CONCERN714-953-8575E-mail: