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Here’s a Quick Look Before Approaching Big Projects with a Joomla Mindset

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Here’s a Quick Look Before Approaching Big Projects with a Joomla Mindset

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  1. Here’s a Quick Look Before Approaching Big Projectswith a Joomla Mindset Reach us at: 2770 Main Street, Suite 93, Frisco, TX 75033 | Phone: 1-855-566-6652 | Email:

  2. Here’s a Quick Look Before Approaching Big Projects with a Joomla Mindset • You don’t always have a full development team when tackling big projects with Joomla. • While the platform is a great one-size-fits-many solution to website development, you still need to understand some basic project planning methods when you approach a big change, implementation, development or Joomla migration. • Here’s a quick look at some important stages in any large development project. #big_projects_with_Joomla

  3. Planning • Don’t start working until you know where you are and where you want to go. • Whether it’s just you or you have a team of people, sit down and spend some time sketching out your current process. • You’ll be surprised at how much you don’t know about things as they are. #Joomla_project_development

  4. Planning • Once you have a good idea of the current state, create another sketch or list of a desired state. • Then, start connecting A to B with a list of tasks. • What resources, coding, and work needs to be done to get from current to desired? #project_planning

  5. Timing • Create a timeline for the entire project. • Be realistic about how long it will take you to get the job done. • Put each task on the timeline in an appropriate order—you can’t start building the site without the appropriate hardware, for example. #joomla_project_timeline

  6. Delegate • Assign each task to an appropriate person or team. • You may not be able to do everything yourself, so don’t be afraid to seek outside help. • Sometimes, it’s more cost effective to pay an expert than to muddle through a large project yourself. • The experienced staff at US Joomla Force can bring valuable skills to your website development, and we are used to dealing with large projects that require complex integration’s. #usjoomlaforce_joomla_service

  7. Test • Always include time in your project plan for testing. • Rolling out an untested, glitch-ridden site will upset and drive away users. • Test offline, and consider a limited beta rollout for large-scale changes. • Make sure your testing is complete. #project_testing

  8. Test • Just because the site works on your computer doesn’t mean it won’t have problems on a user’s tablet. • When possible, test on various operating systems, browsers, and devices. • This ensures the final implementation is as problem free as possible. #test_on_various_operating _systems

  9. Take Control • Don’t let outside developers push you into areas you aren’t ready for; it’s your site, so you should call the shots. • Listen to expert advice, but make an informed decision about where you want to go. • At US Joomla Force, we take the time to get to know our clients so we can offer the best possible advice for their situation instead of providing one-sized-fits-all solutions. #take_project_control

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