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Search Engine Market Share

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Search Engine Market Share

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  2. Search Engine Market Share  In late 1997 Google introduced its search engine for the first time, fast reach of google search engine and the effective results with reasonable speed made it a world popular search giant swiftly.  Recent data (April 2016) shows Google leading the search market with a share of 67.86%.  Globally barring China where the local search engine Baidu takes the chunk.    


  4. Desktop and Mobile  Both desktop and Mobile search result and on search queries in Google takes the top position where Bing takes second spot followed by Yahoo Bing and others.  For general analytic desktop search results, Google pockets 67.86%, Baidu 8.1%, Yahoo 7.72%, Bing 14.4%, AOL 0.14% and Others 2.5%.  Equally, mobile search result takes a prominent position in search share.    

  5. Desktop and Mobile  Google after their search engine success in the market also introduced several products and services in the market.  Major revenue to the company is on advertising, with other services such as mail, productivity tools, enterprise products, and other mobile based software.  Google generated it’s highest revenue in the year 2016 (first quarter) around 18 billion US dollars.    

  6. Desktop and Mobile  It processed 1.2 trillion searches worldwide in 2015.  The total number of active users is expected to reach 236.4 million in 2019.  In mobile search nearly the same figure is estimated around 216 million of users.  Google has 18% of organic search with its search engine, but it is lower than its competitor Yahoo, Ask and AOL.    


  8. Search Engine Share United States  As per January 2016 statistics in the United States, Microsoft holds a market share of 21.3%, Yahoo have 12.4% market share in the same time our search giant Google generates 68.8% of the market shares in all the core search.  Google Mail users as per 2015 are roughly 900 million active users worldwide.  Analytic and other products are also popularly used around the world.  This made Google as a real leader of market share in search.    

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